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How does a new anchor find something to talk about

2018-04-04 06:24:20

During the epidemic period, bored at home, watching the dizzying broadcast room push, do we also give birth to the idea of being an anchor, then, how to find topics to chat, retain the audience of the broadcast room and attract new viewers to come? The following is an introduction


First of all, do not always put the words of the set gift in the mouth, the actual measurement will make the audience disgusted.


Second, the new anchor must watch more bullets, answer the audience's bullets, mutual respect is the first step.


Thirdly, live broadcast should forget personal emotions, speak interesting, full of happiness.


Here is the specific program, you have singing talent, that singing, singing hot, driving the atmosphere of the song can be, chat is basically a rebound screen. You play video games, you analyze the situation on the field, not necessarily a lot of words, but it must be sexy (meaning interesting).


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Finally, you can also find other anchors to socialize or PK, etc., to increase each other's fans, but also to improve the sense of belonging of fans,

Matters needing attention

The most important thing is to be yourself, to speak with talent, to speak with character, to speak with fun