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How does a Japanese courtesan serve

2018-03-31 04:48:46

This article introduces how the Japanese flower leader is the service, the flower leader needs to meet with the guests at least three times before serving the guests, I hope my answer can help you.


The beauty of a flower


The flower leader of Japan is used as the highest level of the tour girl in the Japanese social place to receive guests for pleasure, the flower leader identity senior will meet three times to select the right guests for its service.


Japanese courtesans do not eat, drink, or talk to guests when they meet for the first time. Far pick can be worthy of the flower queen to serve its guests.


When the Japanese flower leader meets the guest for the second time, he will come to the guest and have a small conversation with the guest.


When the Japanese flower leader meets for the third time, guests should be invited directly to the flower leader room, eat and drink with guests, and chat with guests at the same time.


To complete the above three meeting procedures, you can really get the service provided by the flower Kui.

Matters needing attention

The age of the bride must not exceed 28 years.