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How do you say you have humor after work

2018-02-22 17:36:00

Do you know how to have a sense of humor after work? Now Xiaobian take you to understand.


1, also say what to a trip to say go, after work even a say go go off work can not.


2, every day the alarm clock rings, there are 500 reasons in my mind to ask for leave, don't want to go to work, but none of them are reliable.


Life is like a pencil in constant use, very sharp at first, but slowly grinding smooth. However, too smooth, almost deserve to be cut. To go to work is to get up earlier than the chicken, go to bed later than the dog, eat worse than the pig, and work more than the donkey. Every day when the alarm goes off, there are 500 reasons in my head why I don't want to go to work, and none of them make any fucking sense. When I was a child, I slept after crying, and now I have to go to work after crying. For the rest of your life, if your husband smokes, you buy a small stud. Your husband drinks, you buy a small ring; Don't make fun of your husband's socializing, buy a small necklace. After many years, the body is you, the gold is you, the diamond ring is you, the glory and wealth are you. And he... Just an old man. Yeah, let's do it.