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How do you know if the car is equipped with eavesdropping equipment

2018-04-23 00:00:34

The method of checking whether the car is installed with a bug is: use an anti-eavesdropping detection device to check whether the car is installed with a bug.


A tool used to detect hidden eavesdropping devices. Anti-theft detector is the use of radio detection principle, with equipment to capture illegal transmission of radio waves in space, to find the source of bug emission.


In the process of using the anti-eavesdropping detector, it is necessary to indicate the impact of unknown signals such as: whether there is a wireless router in the car, Bluetooth transmitter and other radio transmitters on the device. It should also be noted that because there are signals around, the sensitivity of the device cannot be adjusted too high, otherwise the normal signal will also alarm, and the sensitivity can be adjusted to the bottom.


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The range can be determined manually, or you can drive the car to the open area and use the anti-eavesdropping wireless detector to detect the signal. The car GPS locator can help manage the car, locate the location of the vehicle at any time, and conduct anti-theft tracking. However, some criminals use the GPS positioning function to secretly install the GPS locator on the target car and carry out illegal activities such as theft.