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How do non-standard doors and standard doors differ?

2018-01-07 03:12:00

What is a standard door and what is an non-standard door? Many people are very confused about these two concepts, in fact, non-standard doors do not refer to a certain category, the main difference is the size of the door. This new door industry on these two concepts for everyone to analyze. How to distinguish between non-standard doors and standard doors? Standard door is a good general door, buy the size of the house door is a certain standard, that is, the ordinary door, non-standard door is you want to make the door a little bigger or a little smaller to install the door. Need to get a custom sized door. Standard door refers to the size of 960×2050 door, as long as it meets one of the two standard specifications is a standard door, if it does not meet this standard it is a non-standard door. Today's consumers may have a misunderstanding that non-standard doors refer to a particular kind of door