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How do international students rent a house in Nottingham

2018-03-25 03:12:36

With the release of the application results, many students have begun to consider accommodation in Nottingham. I believe that for most prospective students, this will be the first time to rent in Nottingham, UK, and there will be many questions: when is it better to rent? How to find the right accommodation in Nottingham? What accommodation options are available in Nottingham? What's the difference? Which is best for me? How much does it cost? Here are some tips on how to rent in Nottingham for international students and what to do.

Nottingham Rentals for rental hours

The University of Nottingham offers undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs. The University of Nottingham undergraduate program is three years, starting in September each year, two semesters each year. The University of Nottingham Master's degree is taught for one year, starting in mid-September each year for three semesters. The University of Nottingham Research Master is a one - to two-year program, starting in mid-September each year. The duration of the PhD at the University of Nottingham is three to five years, and the start time is mostly September, although the start time may vary according to the requirements of different tutors. Generally, according to the school start time, you can start looking for a room 1 to 2 months in advance. If the school starts in September, then July is a more appropriate time to start looking for a house. I learned from the school travel website that some of the better environment and cost-effective houses are rented soon after opening reservations.

The best places to rent in Nottingham

In order to facilitate classes, the nearest house to the University of Nottingham is preferred, preferably within a few minutes' walk. In case it is far from the University of Nottingham, it is also necessary to choose a house on the bus stop line directly to the university, so as to avoid bus emergencies and cause late for class.


As for the surrounding environment, the geographical location of the house is best in the city centre of Nottingham, and Broadmarsh Bus Station, the main bus station of Nottingham, is also in the heart, so as to facilitate future travel. At the same time, look around the house, and if there is a supermarket nearby, it is very convenient. New students in the past generally do not carry a lot of luggage, so they have to go to the supermarket to buy (TESCO, ASDA, etc.), plus there is no UK, online shopping has to wait a long time, and shopping in the supermarket is the most convenient. The supermarket will have a discount during the school term, saying that the bread machine and electric kettle can be as cheap as 5 pounds. The victoria centre in the heart of Nottingham has a pound for groceries and snacks. If you like a natural and quiet environment, you need to see if there is a small park around the house.

Rental fees for Nottingham rentals

For overseas students, rent must be the most concerned issue every month or during their study abroad. Different house types have different prices. The heart of Nottingham is certainly the busiest and most convenient place, but it is also the most expensive place to rent. Most of the houses in the heart are based on apartments. Student accommodation in Nottingham costs between £100 and £300 per week, depending on the property.

Security issues in Nottingham rental housing

When renting in Nottingham, pay attention to whether there are security risks around, do not choose too remote, unmanned areas, when going out, check to lock the doors and Windows, turn off the power. When entering and leaving the house, remember to confirm whether there are suspicious people and vehicles following, if there is a critical situation, do not panic, immediately change the route and go to the police station (confirm the location of the police station in advance) or a crowded public place for protection.