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How do I use a metronome for drum practice

2018-01-12 09:36:00

The method of using a metronome for a drum single hop.


First take out the metronome, take out the bottom plate and adjust the pendulum on the metronome, it is recommended that the novice set the scale at 72 position. If you practice well, you can change it yourself.


Then change the beat. Single jump uses 2, every 2 beats to form a scale cycle, let the pendulum clock start to swing naturally after releasing the hand, so that the whole metronome setting is completed.


With the popularization of the Internet, drum metronomes can now be used online. In software use, the speed is still selected 72. Choose a single board or adagio, the number of boards is 2, so the speed and practice in the early effect is better.


When the adagio is finished, set the metronome to tick, which is 1234. The posture of lifting and dropping hands is closely combined, and the two complement each other, so that with the deepening of the practice, the lower the height of your lifting hands, the faster the speed, and the faster the frequency of beating, until the practice effect is achieved.


After the basics of the quadruple jump are completed, practice the quadruple, alternating 4 strokes with your right and left hands, 72 speed for every 10 minutes of practice, increase the speed by 2 until you reach 80.


When practicing a single jump, the left and right hands should pay attention to cross conversion, forming a rhythm of ticking and ticking. Especially to practice the left hand, because the frequency of use of the left hand is less in life, but in the practice of the drum, the effectiveness of the left and right hand is consistent.


Finally, to clarify their own practice ideas, if you feel powerless when practicing a single jump, do not be anxious, first one-handed practice, from right to left, the speed can be put to 60 moments. Gradually familiar with the force to open the 4 symbols, do not be impatient.