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How do I scan a paper document into an electronic version

2018-05-15 09:37:00

In the process of project application, visa application, data preservation, etc., it is often necessary to scan the paper version into pdf files, scientific research papers, business data, personal data, documents, etc., need to be converted into electronic documents for storage. This tutorial explains how to quickly and easily scan and save it as a pdf document.


Open Adobe Acrobat, go to "File/Create pdf/ From Scanner", select the type of scan, including: black and white document, color document, grayscale document, color image, select the type to scan. If it is a general text document, there is no official seal, directly choose black and white; If you want to have the official seal and other proof, to choose the color document; If high image quality is required, color images need to be selected.


During scanning, you need to set scanning parameters such as Color Mode, resolution, and scanning size. Set up and scan.


After scanning files, if you want to merge the scanned files, you can select File/Merge/Merge to a single file.


Add files, adjust the order, select Merge, and change the file name.


The scanned files can be stored in folders.


Of course, we can also use relevant apps to realize the recognition of pictures and words. As shown in the picture, download and install the text recognition tool shown in the picture by searching.


Take pictures of the text in related books. Or select the image you want to identify from the album.


Install this APP text recognition tool on it. Click the "Photo Recognition" button. Next, use the camera and complete the recognition operation of the relevant picture text.