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How do I export the files in the CD-ROM

2018-04-26 19:12:31

The steps of file export in the CD are as follows: 1. First of all, our computer must be installed with an optical drive, here is the optical drive. Then we insert the disc from which we want to copy the data into the optical drive, and this will recognize the disc that has been inserted. 2. Right-click the CD, instead of playing the CD, this is the file in the CD. 3. Then find the file you want to copy to your computer and click to enter the folder. 4. Then open the folder, here to copy the image, go to the folder directory where the image is located. 5. Finally, select all these pictures, or select the pictures you need to copy, right-click to copy, and then paste to the D disk or other disk of the computer to successfully export. This solves the problem of exporting files from the CD.