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How do I draw my hair

2018-03-14 19:12:13

Drawing hair is undoubtedly the simplest (yes, the simplest) in "drawing comics", the following Xiaobian and you say a few simple hair drawing tips!




Drawing paper


To draw good hair and smooth hair, first practice drawing long lines. Pay attention to the different shades of hair of the characters in the original, it is best to try to touch the same parts, it will be very helpful, you will immediately know the concept of shades (or light and dark).


Beginners don't worry too much about tools. It's not that drawing tools aren't important, but for beginners, drawing tools aren't as important as you might think. Drawing is to find a piece of paper and a pen can start to draw, pencil, Chinese pencil, automatic pencil can be (if you want to draw a serious sketch, it is still to choose a wooden pencil); Paper doesn't matter, printing paper is OK (but if you are painting watercolor, you still need to pay attention to paper).


Do not be too careful to write, the deep place to draw it boldly on the line, multi-level repeated deepening and the use of strength is the focus.


The layering of hair is a rich contrast of light and dark. As far as I am concerned, this kind of painting style is more crafty and simple pursuit of beauty and fine degree, rich contrast between light and dark, hair will have a sense of layering.


The information illegally crawled from experience


Where the character's hair should be deepened is actually just where you want to deepen it. First of all, you must generally know where the hair is backlit and where the light is, the backlit place is dark, and the light is bright, but these are not too strict to determine, you only need to know the general range, how to change the light and dark after the pen, as much as you can. You want to paint highlights, you determine the approximate position of a face to leave highlights, that side is already your light source, if you don't paint the background and light sources around the figure, just paint a single person, then you don't have to worry about the light on the hair will not match the outside light source.


The hair draws the wrong lines and shadows, draws the raw edge, completely unimportant, do not use the eraser to correct. When drawing the wrong hair, do not modify, to cover up, try to avoid using eraser, it is easy to make the picture dirty. If you draw the wrong line of hair, you can use another line or shadow to remedy it, the cross of lines will quickly cover up the wrong part of your drawing. If you have a color that is dark, use a darker color to bring out the brightness of the color. Only when it comes to hair, every line that you think seems wrong is almost always right.


Personally, it is not recommended to use eraser highlights, and it is not recommended to use toilet paper to wipe shadows. I know there is a technique of using toilet paper in sketch learning, but I don't recommend it, because you must learn to reserve highlights, and also be sure to learn to hand shadow. For beginners, the use of these two tools will be very easy to dirty the picture, if you draw hair can not use these two tools, light with the tip of the pen to show the relationship between light and dark, you will progress very fast, but also let you more quickly realize the meaning of the sentence said in the seventh point above [hair painting wrong is not important]. Of course, erasers are not completely useless, sometimes the highlight painting is too dark, with a clean rubber corner, gently wipe, immediately bright.


The above several, can be summed up in three words: bold, casual, patient. But you also have to be careful, you have to see how the big hands draw, the big hands for the hair details (even if it is just two strands of hair interspersed), you can only copy the big hands in the works of a small detail that makes you amazing, this small detail you steal may evolve into your own trick. In the final analysis, all the experience of others is not important, to draw good hair, or draw something else, in fact, there are only two words: draw more.

Matters needing attention

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