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How do couples get along

2018-01-07 09:36:00

When a man and a woman from acquaintance to know each other to love to get married and have children, they become husband and wife, and from now on life is fuel, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, as well as affection, friendship and love, as well as the education and upbringing of children, the maintenance and care of the elderly, if during this period, the concept of husband and wife is not the same, the attitude towards things is not the same, it is very easy to produce contradictions, light is noisy every day, Life can not be happy, heavy husband and wife fate toward the end. At the beginning is with a variety of good wishes to come together, want to live a long and beautiful life. So, please work hard to manage their respective marriages, so that everyone's life can be happy, so what should we do? Let me share some of my experiences. Of course, everyone's opinions and opinions are different.


Learn to tolerate each other, everyone has their own hobbies and shortcomings, can not be perfect, so couples must learn to tolerate each other's shortcomings, in acceptable circumstances do not deliberately to ask each other to change.


Share things with each other, not both husband and wife who encounter things, must discuss the solution, do not ask each other and you for advice, you always say, you look at it, this sentence, in fact, do not know how much hurt between husband and wife. Share each other, the feelings can be stronger!


Learn to trust each other, there is no trust in marriage, really go very tired and difficult to long, everyone is suspicious of each other, then this marriage is what?


Learn to ask for help, don't say that all the old husband and wife, some things can be ignored, in fact, on the contrary, the old husband and wife is more necessary to care about each other, "thank you, hard work, pay attention to warmth, pay attention to safety" and other love language to often say to each other, so that each other's heart will understand that you care about him, so as to promote family harmony.


Learn to respect each other, don't always expose each other's shortcomings, save face for each other in front of others, respect him and his family, don't always say his family is not in front of others. Respect some of his hobbies, even if you don't like them, don't kill them at will!


Learn to encourage each other, life in the world, nothing is smooth sailing, sometimes it is inevitable to hesitate and helpless, this time it is necessary for couples to learn to encourage each other, quietly accompany each other through the downturn of life!

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