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How do Counter-Strike get to Black Fog

2018-05-01 20:48:00

Today Xiaobian and you to share the anti-terrorist elite how to go to the black fog experience, I hope to help you.




First of all, explain what you said about D3D: D3D has two display modes, one D3D, one OPENGL, one of these two is black, can not see clearly from a distance, can see clearly from a close distance, and in this mode, if it is competitive mode, it will see very clearly, this is one of the "characteristics" of the biochemical mode.


The other display mode is in biochemical mode, which is also the same as competitive mode, and can see far and clearly. And this mode has a BUG, that is, after you become a zombie, automatically with red night vision goggles, after the N key is closed, some places on the wall will remain red traces, you must take a flashlight to shine, before restoring the original.


The following CSOL to black fog console instruction, method: After the game, press the call out console, enter brightness 1000 (no space behind) hit enter. After entering a room, tap my message, tap the password box, press the outgoing console, enter brightness 1000, and press Enter.


Then enter the room will find that the black fog is gone, this method is suitable for xp 32-bit systems, win7 or 64-bit has not been tested.


There is an easier way: 1, go to the game, click Options, click Video, set the mode to D3D and click OK. 2, quit the game, and then log in, the map will light up.

Matters needing attention

Although the game is good, do not indulge in it.