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How do cars deodorize?

2018-05-12 06:24:05

At present, there are more and more deodorizing and deodorizing products on the market, and we should see clearly the production time and shelf life requirements when purchasing deodorizing products. The summer weather is hot, the bacteria grow fast, as the owner of the car almost all encountered the odor in the summer car, the air conditioning is not cleaned in time, the garbage is not cleaned in time, the pet's hair, the child's food in the car and so on, so in addition, a bottle of deodorant can also help you a lot. General car questions and answers mostly come from personal life hobbies and some small habits of their own, how to solve these small troubles.


Deodorant product


The smell of smoke: For men who like to smoke in the car, you can buy some deodorant for removing the smell of smoke in the car, because the car itself is small, many owners have the habit of closing the window when driving, and there will be a smoke smell in the car after a period of time. At this time, we should choose to use some deodorant dedicated to removing the smell of smoke and can directly remove the root cause, which is not only beneficial to the driver himself, but also has great benefits for the owner's family.


The smell of pet love: Nowadays, many women like to put their pets in the car. As usual, their beloved pets have very good hygiene habits, but in the process of driving, it is inevitable that there will be some hair falling on the car, the car air conditioning because of long-term use covered with dust and pet hair will breed mites growth, mites growth rate is very fast, a long time do not do a good job in the car cleaning then it is easy to cause respiratory diseases (such as: Asthma, bronchitis, rhinitis, etc.), most of the deodorants sold on the market can only neutralize the smell of the car, can not play an effective antibacterial effect, and there is no antibacterial deodorization effect. In this regard, the majority of owners are reminded to choose the deodorant suitable for removing the smell of pets as soon as possible.


The taste of the new car: because it is a new car, often we ignore the new car will also bring a pungent taste, the truth of the new car is actually the same as the truth of the new house. What bothers the owner is not only the smell in the car, but the harmful gases in the car that we can't see and need to be removed. Sponsored by the Automotive Environment Committee of the Chinese Federation of Engineering Societies, "China's first investigation of environmental pollution in automobiles". The survey results showed that 93.82% of the 842 vehicles tested had different degrees of pollution in the interior environment. The main pollutants in the interior environment were toluene, followed by xylene, benzene, TVOC and formaldehyde.

Matters needing attention

Remind everyone that these harmful gases emitted by cars will have different degrees and different aspects of damage to people. Therefore, everyone should be prepared for deodorization and sterilization, which is the basic cost of protecting their health.