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How did the Everyday millionaire evolve the card? How did the Everyday millionaire evolve the card

2018-01-11 11:12:00

"Everyday Millionaire" is the first casual board game operated exclusively by Tencent's mobile game platform. Similar to the "Monopoly" and "Monopoly" game play, the operation is simpler, the map is more refined, and the cute and funny game screen is presented in the soft Q version style, bringing the player a relaxed and pleasant game experience.


Everyday Millionaire

Evolutionary step

Once logged into the game, click on the character card below the card


There are 3 choices at the top after entering, character card - card enhancement - card evolution, click on the card evolution. (The card can only evolve after the full level, for example, the B card can only evolve after 10 levels, and 2 full level cards are required)


After clicking, the cards that can evolve will appear at the bottom. Click 2 cards


Click on the need for 25,000 gold coins, after the evolution of the A-level card, click evolution.


The card evolved successfully, and the card after evolution is A level 1 A card

Matters needing attention

Guideline, choose the most suitable for their own is the hard truth!


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