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How can you whiten freckle light spot method you know how much

2018-03-15 22:24:43

The skin color of the face shows a yellow gas not to say, but also covered with spots, which should be good? Light spot whitening in the end what is going on? Understand the questions and answers related to yellow gas and spots, and maybe you can find the best way to whiten your own light spots.


Dark yellow, color spots - in addition to the area of a large and small, are not all caused by pigmentation? In fact, melanin is just a package of spots, the notorious tyroaminase can be due to various external incentives and continue to produce melanin, and continue to transport to the epidermis, when the production is too large, uneven distribution, it will lead to the formation of spots. But dark yellow can not be completely blamed on pigmentation, in addition to fatigue, lack of sleep will affect the skin color, mainly ultraviolet damage dermis, collagen fibers, elastic fibers break, metamorphic caking, so that the skin loses the sense of transparency, in addition to the slow metabolism, resulting in the accumulation of old waste cutin and glycification, is also the formation of waxen face.


Locally targeted light spot products, whitening ingredients are really higher than removing yellow skin care products? If it is only the whitening ingredients such as vitamin C, the lightening products will indeed be more weighted in this aspect, and the fading formula will rely on the skin rejuvenation and antioxidant ingredients.


The "whitening dry whitening dry" spread on the rivers and lakes for many years, the light spot products containing more whitening ingredients are easier to dry the skin. Not necessarily, whitening or fading products are basically the same, but the way is different, in addition to the whitening ingredients in the light spot products are more unstable, different ingredients have their value. The peeling exfoliating ingredients contained in yellowing products, such as salicylic acid, are the culprits behind the lack of water.


Which ingredients address these two major skin lightening needs? Whitening products in the common vitamin C, arbutin, kojic acid, ellagic acid, niacinamide is mainly for the desalination of melanin, with whitening effect. The "dark yellow" focuses on antioxidants and inhibits skin glycation, requiring ingredients such as ferulate acid, white tea, vitamin A, E, Q10, astaxanthin, lycopene, they all have good antioxidant components, as for anti-glycogen, you need to pay attention to dipeptides or PFA products.


Does "strength in numbers" apply to light spots? The more whitening ingredients, the more effective it will be? It will help you develop more light spot insurance, because the various whitening ingredients added in the formula are equivalent to inhibiting, coagulating, and removing to the check link of pigment metabolism, just like ellagic acid inhibits tyrosinase production, arbutin inhibits enzyme activity, niacinamide can also be a good force to metabolize cutin, suppress excessive production of melanin, not only can light spots, It can also improve the skin quality and brightness.


Acidic addition is indeed the star of the whitening world, whether it is light spots or yellow removal, there are low PH components, but who will stimulate the skin? Acidic ingredients naturally enhance moisture to mitigate the irritation, and this logic is correct. However, the acidic PH value is generally lower than 4, and the moisturizer is between neutral, and such a mix and match can easily neutralize the effective acidic ingredients, affecting the skin care efficacy. It is recommended to apply a layer of natural vegetable oil before using whitening products, evening primrose oil or Jojoba oil, which can play a role in soothing skin and reducing acidity.


In the bottle of skin care products to achieve local freckle can achieve the effect of laser whitening, is it possible? The reason why the micro-plastic surgery of optical whitening can remove spots is mainly due to the process of destroying color spots, lightening color spots and finally eliminating in vitro. The formula of skin care products to achieve similar accurate and significant freckle effect, it is necessary to spend more attention on the ingredients, the role of the ingredients must be able to simulate the metabolic process, snow skin light spot combination is through ellagic acid to break up the melanin, and then the high concentration of vitamin C will dilute it, and finally use European bud extract to help the pigment clear, the process is almost the same as optical whitening.

Matters needing attention

The above seven problems are many people in the process of whitening and whitening spots, often meet the problem, if you want to have a flawless skin, it is recommended to clarify the problem first, develop a most suitable for their own skin care program, will not occur skin care become damaged skin tragedy.


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