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How can parents prohibit children from playing with electronic products before bedtime

2018-04-23 04:48:04

How can parents prohibit children from playing with electronic products before bedtime? In the child's room separation process, electronic products are prohibited in the children's bedroom, which can create a restful environment.


Electronic product


Children's room


1. Develop a regular bedtime routine. For children, developing a regular bedtime routine includes going to bed for half an hour to an hour of quiet activity, bathing, reading, and lying in bed. This will establish good sleep habits for them.


2. Balance the amount of time your child spends in front of devices each day with the amount of time they spend exercising and going outside. Giving children more physical exercise can make them feel tired and help them sleep deeply.


3. Set a downtime for your electronic devices. At a set time each night, charge your electronic devices in a common area of your home. Not only is this useful for establishing good sleep habits, but it also ensures that children don't play with them when they get up at night to pee.


4. For older children, discuss the problems caused by overuse of electronic devices.


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6. Although research on the effects of mobile devices on brain health has not been uniformly conclusive, the effects of radio waves and electromagnetic fields on cognitive ability and adolescent brain health cannot be underestimated.


7, Electromagnetic addiction can become a big problem - teenagers rely on these high-tech products to socialize with friends, and tend to use these devices late at night. Texting friends or sharing information on social media is often the main cause of sleep problems in this age group.

Matters needing attention

Parents should help their children set up norms for the use of electronic devices, emphasizing the use of moderation, rather than prohibiting it.


Electronic devices are very important socially and academically for children at this age, so helping them find a balance will not only help them sleep better, but also ensure that their devices have a positive impact on them, not a negative one.