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How can military training prevent getting tanned

2018-03-31 22:24:58

Every year, the military training is a time when the sun is more hot, so how to prevent tanning is a problem faced by many students.




The first point, this is what everyone will think is to apply sunscreen, this is really an effective way, not necessarily to buy particularly expensive, it is recommended that you buy genuine, suitable for their own can,


Second, in addition to the time of military training, you must be exposed to the sun in other times as cool as possible to reduce the time of direct exposure to the sun.


The third point is the need for timely hydration, if the body lacks water, the face will appear wrinkles and melanin, etc.


The fourth point, every day after training back to the dormitory must clean the face, because the place will be exposed to a lot of grease and sweat


The fifth point is that students generally choose their clothes according to the school, and wear long sleeves as much as possible to reduce their body exposure.


The sixth point, if the conditions are possible, you can purchase some whitening mask, and then return to the dormitory after training to apply it at night, which is of great help to change and improve the situation of facial sunburn.

Matters needing attention

Minimize direct sunlight exposure,