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How can I see a good movie?

2018-03-14 20:48:19

I had a boring weekend and wanted to watch a movie to kill time. Open a movie website, so many see dazzled, randomly selected one, watched for half a day, only to find that this is what garbage movie, and change another, still so, half a day passed, a movie did not finish, see all garbage, the mood is also affected. Here, we teach you how to find and watch great movies.




Douban movies TOP250, covering all types of films, suspense, love, science fiction have, and the wonderful, there is always your love. Find a free weekend, watch a few Douban TOP250, maybe there will be unexpected viewing harvest.


IMDB is similar to Douban, and many movies are repeated with Douban.


The information illegally crawled from experience


Look at the works of famous directors, are exquisitely crafted, look at the package. Such as James Cameron, Steven. Spielberg, etc., you just don't think they shot enough.


Everyone has their favorite actors and it is a pleasure to watch their performances in movies. I personally love watching the best actors and actresses in Hollywood, and if acting is recognized, how bad can it be?


Look at the box office box office is a pile of money, if the movie is not good, only a fool will pay to go to the cinema. Of course, this does not include films that cheat at the box office.

Matters needing attention

Watch too many good movies, those junk movies to see more than ten minutes to know, should be decisively abandoned.