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How can I improve my observation

2018-03-16 14:24:44

We all know that observation is an essential condition for us to acquire knowledge, cultivate skills and develop intelligence, so how can we improve our observation? In my opinion, we should make efforts from the following aspects: first, strategically, we should do three things: (1) We should have clear goals and tasks. Clear goals and tasks can guide and organize our observation activities. They can enable us to let go, focus our attention, overcome the interference of irrelevant things, and move forward towards the set goals, so as to obtain more clear and complete knowledge Feel, to obtain satisfactory observation results. Avoid the blind movement, wandering observation, avoid the bad habits and style of looking around, looking left and right, familiar sight without gambling, absent-minded, exercise and improve the observation. (2) To enrich their knowledge and experience Knowledge experience and observation are complementary and mutually beneficial relationship. Good observation is the prerequisite and condition of acquiring rich knowledge and experience, and rich knowledge and experience is an important factor of high observation. A person with poor knowledge and insufficient experience can not make a comprehensive and profound observation of the corresponding matter. It may be that "there are eyes that do not understand, and there are ears that do not understand the pronunciations." For example, the average person can look at a tree and only know that it is an ordinary tree. However, a knowledgeable biologist can see many things from a tree (such as the tree's subject, age, growth condition, value, etc.). Therefore, "different people have different opinions", know more, see more. Therefore, we should strive to enrich our knowledge and experience, to create conditions for the cultivation of high observation. Sometimes, for relatively unfamiliar observation objects, you can first use reference books to have a general understanding of the observation object, and then observe, this "cram" practice is also beneficial. (3) Develop good observation habits Good observation habits (as good study habits to improve the ability to learn) are very beneficial to improve observation. Mainly should cultivate the following good habits :(1) observation to have a plan, you can have a plan in mind, so as not to "make a mistake at the moment", "miss the opportunity". With a plan, we can ensure that the observation is carried out systematically and step by step, and avoid disorganized and lost things. In general, long-term and complex observations require a written plan; Short and simple observation, but also have a plan. Execute the plan, do not be too rigid, can be modified at any time according to changing circumstances. (2) Learn to use a variety of senses and use a variety of senses, such as not only with the eyes, but also with hands, ears, mouth taste, nose, etc., so that you can obtain complete and profound materials, so that you can improve the power of observation. (3) The material obtained by the senses is superficial, scattered and one-sided, which requires the use of the brain and the positive thinking, and the thinking of every detail, every fragment, every process, before and after the observation, so as to get the material that reflects the essence of things. (4) Observation should be careful and careful observation should be careful and careful, never let go of every detail and every fragment. It must not be careless or careless. Because every detail and every fragment is an important part of the change and development of things, it is possible to get a one-sided and wrong understanding. Or it may be a "small difference, a thousand miles," or it may lose an important discovery. (5) Make a good observation and record every detail and fragment observed is a representation of the change and development of things, and has the value of research and preservation. Therefore, we must record all the phenomena we observe. Record should be true to the facts, do not add subjective consciousness. Record in detail and, if necessary, draw, list, photograph, and video. Records shall be kept in file and secured. (6) Timely sorting out summary Sorting out summary is the stage of harvest and improvement. Through sorting and summarizing, not only the perceptual understanding rises to the rational understanding, but also the formation of conclusive written materials (such as reports, summaries and other articles), but also the formation of travel notes, essays, reportage and other literary works. In this way, not only the knowledge is consolidated, but also the observation and writing ability is improved. Confucius said, "If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools." There are many observation methods summarized for us by our ancestors, and the most important ones are introduced as follows :(1) The comprehensive observation method is to observe all aspects of the object of observation in order to have a comprehensive and thorough understanding of the object. It requires first observing all aspects of things, all kinds of characteristics, and then observing the differences and differences between them. (2) Key observation method. This is according to some special purpose and requirements, only one or some aspects of the object of observation are observed in special detail, in order to have a deeper understanding of it. (3) Anatomical observation method This is to decompose the various characteristics, aspects, or components of the observed object one by one, and carefully observe. Such observations allow us to understand things more precisely. (4) Comparative observation method This means that two or several things are compared and carefully observed in order to obtain a clearer and more accurate impression. Through comparison, understanding can be more profound, comprehensive and accurate. (5) Repeated observation method This means that the same observation is repeated many times. This is because many phenomena appear very fast and fleeting, and the speed of the naked eye cannot keep up, so it is necessary to observe repeatedly. Moreover, sometimes the secondary, non-essential phenomena are more obvious, and it is easy to overlook the observation of the primary, essential phenomena, which also requires repeated observation. In addition, some things have periodic changes, but also need to be repeated observation. (6) Long-term observation method This means systematic observation over a long period of time. This is because the observed object has a longer development process and cycle, and sometimes the development is slower, so long-term observation is needed. (7) The reason why the orderly observation method should be observed in order is that the changes and development of the observed objects appear successively in accordance with their own laws. Observation in accordance with the sequence of the development and change process of the observed object can ensure that the observation results are comprehensive, accurate and specific. (8) Multi-angle, multi-side observation method from different angles to see things will see different characteristics, the so-called "view the ridge side peak" is also. Such observation can also ensure that the observation is comprehensive, accurate and specific. Through the efforts of the above aspects, observation will be well improved.