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How can drivers drive safely when there are too many cars on the road

2018-03-13 12:48:00

When the vehicle is driving on the channel, it should be done in accordance with the road traffic regulations, the road is multi-channel, there is no provision for the vehicle to be in no order, especially in the multi-direction intersection, some vehicles go straight, some to turn, and some to stop, so the warning signs on the road are the vehicles must be obeyed, so as to make the channel smooth and safe.


Roads and vehicles


When the vehicle is driving on the spacious channel, it is necessary to see whether there is a signal light in front of it, and it is necessary to see whether there is a zebra crossing channel.


When there is no zebra crossing passage at the intersection, it is necessary to pay attention to the speed of the vehicles traveling, and it is necessary to slow down in the zebra crossing passage.


The channel on the city square is a multi-channel, which is equipped with a reducer, so the vehicle should pay attention to the deceleration device set up by the whole party when driving.


When the vehicle is exercising, it needs to turn, so it is necessary to see whether the vehicle is driving in the straight lane, and the vehicle can drive without turning.


At the intersection with traffic lights, the vehicle driver must follow the instructions of the traffic light, the green light is to go through, the red light is to stop.


Deceleration devices are set up in schools and places where there are many people, and intersections with no traffic lights are equipped with decelerators to ensure the safe passage of vehicles and not to speed.

Matters needing attention

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