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How are pearls grown

2018-04-04 08:00:04

Pearls are everyday things that everyone knows, can be used as ornaments, can also be used as medicine, so how are pearls raised?


The pearl is formed in the shell and the shell similar material, now has achieved artificial cultivation, so the pearl is also divided into natural pearls and artificial pearls


However, whether it is natural pearls or artificial pearls, it is because the shellfish (mostly mussels) are subjected to irritating small debris from the outside world under accidental conditions and contact its outer membrane, the outer membrane is stimulated to secrete a pearl, and these tiny acrobatics are wrapped in layers to form a neoplasm, and after a certain period of time, the pearl is formed


Shell culture requires many conditions, the first is light and ventilation, light is of great significance to the color, reproduction and behavior of the oyster, and is also beneficial to the abundance of pearls; Good ventilation increases dissolved oxygen in the water


The second is the requirement of water, including PH value, calcium carbonate, inorganic salt content, etc. Neutral waters (PH7~7.5) are the most suitable for the growth and the secretion of pearl. Most of the materials that make up pearls and shells are calcium carbonate, so there must be a corresponding environment; The inorganic salt had direct and indirect effects on the growth and pearl formation of the oyster


The third is the influence of water temperature and water flow on the oyster. The growth, development, reproduction and distribution of the oyster are directly affected and controlled by water temperature, and the formation and growth of pearls are also restricted by water temperature. The production practice has proved that the pearls grown in running water are better than those grown in still water, and the yield is also higher


Finally, the feed is on, when the food organisms in the water are abundant, the nutrition of the oyster is rich, it will grow well, so that the pearl will grow fast, and the quality is high, the main food organisms are phytoplankton and zooplankton