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How about car decoration

2018-03-15 22:24:00

If you want to succeed in a car decoration, the location is the most important! We can have two options, the first option is on the road at the entrance or exit of the city, it is best to be near the city's gas station, train station and other places with a lot of traffic, and it is best not to exceed 10 kilometers from the heart. The second option is the heart of the main street in a non-busy area or stretch of road, so that you have a lot of maneuverable space. Both require that the open space in front of the door be large enough to have enough parking Spaces.




Passenger source


Business strategy


First, to clear positioning. Calmly analyze their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, development direction and other elements. The development of automobile decoration must take the road of characteristic management, that is, differentiated management strategy (to form obvious differences with competitors in management, and this difference is exactly what customers need). They include: exclusivity (this difference is hard for competitors to imitate); Salience (where a product is significantly different from a competitor's product); Importance (differences reflect needs that are extremely important to the customer); Communication (the difference can be easily understood and accepted by the customer); Affordability (Target customers feel that the extra cost of product differences is worth it. Thus willing and able to purchase such differentiated products); Profitability (making more money by differentiating).


Second, establish a sound information management system. Including: new product information, customer details, technical information, market information, competitor information, social information government policy information, etc.


Third, establish a sound system and procedures, strengthen the site management and strict implementation. It is not enough to have an empty system, we must strengthen the field management and strict implementation will have an effect.


Fourth, increase staff training. Now most of the car decoration beauty is still in the primary development stage of lack of technology, want to open a good car decoration, increase the professional and technical training of employees is the key.

Matters needing attention

To calmly analyze their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, development direction and other elements.