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Honghu Park lotus Skimming guide

2018-02-27 08:00:00

Honghu Park is located on Wenjin North Road in the city, starting from Honghu East Road and Wenjin North Road in the east and Honghu West Road in the west, bounded by Sungang Bridge and Nigang Bridge respectively in the north and south, with a total area of 591,500 square meters, including 324,600 square meters of land and 266,900 square meters of water. Founded in the spring of 1984, the park is a comprehensive park with lotus as the theme and water activities as the feature.


The whole park is divided into three scenic spots: Honghu, Jingyi Lake and Lianxiang Lake. Lotus is the theme flower of Honghu Park, and the annual lotus exhibition is a traditional activity of Honghu Park. The Dutch exhibition is rich in content, diverse in theme and unique in character. There are lotus varieties exhibition, lotus culture exhibition, lotus popular science exhibition, lotus photography exhibition, lotus calligraphy and painting exhibition, lotus arts and crafts exhibition, lotus flower exhibition and garden pieces, lotus staph corridor. Every summer, one hundred mu, lotus bloom, magnificent. Honghu Park has more than 200 kinds of lotus, water lilies and aquatic flowers, and produces nearly 10,000 POTS of lotus and bowl lotus every year. It is the largest lotus landscape and variety base in South China.


The park is mainly based on plant landscape, using rich garden materials and numerous plant species, and using traditional gardening techniques to create many beautiful plant landscapes, such as the breathtaking and magnificent water landscape of fir trees, the tropical lawn and forest landscape of green Tianping, the ecological landscape of bird forest and herons playing in the water of Lianyuan Lake, and the lotus summer landscape of Lianyuan Lake. And the park green space, embankment, island, also according to different seasons, configuration of spring, summer, autumn, winter plant landscape: spring to autumn flowers, summer and winter landscape. Spring praise peach blossom willow wind, summer rain beautiful. Autumn flow fall feather fir shirt thin, winter to admire water lilies dots red. If you are in the park between the green water, revel in the lake island color ecological environment, feel pleasant scenery.


Again to the annual lotus blooming season (around June), love photography love flowers friends can take time to Honghu Park to enjoy the lotus, when I saw a hundred mu lake pond, lotus in full bloom is spectacular, it is said that the park of lotus, water lilies and other aquatic flowers have more than 200 species, the annual production of basin lotus and bowl lotus and other aquatic flowers nearly 10,000 POTS, At present, it has become the largest lotus landscape and variety base in South China. (photo reprint)

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Transportation: Routes through Honghu Park: Airport 6 lines N10, 27, 33, 63, 80, 82, 213, 300, B, 300, 300, 300, 300, 300, A, 303, B307, 307, K307, 309, 310-315 Circle line 312, 313, 322, 323, 357 361 No. 363 No. 366 No. 369 No. 371 371 No. 377 No. 383 Shopping Line (Sightseeing bus line)