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Home decoration How to decorate: [3] living room sofa area storage

2018-04-19 20:48:25

Sofa area Efficient storage tips Sofa area is the most important thing in the living room, if it always looks messy, it will certainly affect the overall effect of the living room. In this bright and bright season, having a sofa that can be stored, a small side table that can be stacked, a storage stool, etc., will release a lot of space around the sofa area. Enlarge the storage function, create a clean sofa area, here we have tips for you. The sofa storage area with red and white is very attractive, and there is nothing special on the surface, but each piece of furniture has a very powerful storage function, and the interior of the sofa storage area brings more details of the intimate experience. Make full use of the space behind the sofa The use of space behind the sofa choose a sofa with storage space behind the backrest, and buy some storage boxes with regular shapes for placing odds and ends, such as small tools, spare light bulbs, etc., between books can also naturally act as bookends. It is best to label the box to remind yourself what kind of items are in it. This coffee table is actually a travel box, not only provides a large storage space for the living room, but also allows people to recall the happy time of the journey from time to time. The use of sofa background wall space for storage is good at developing wall storage behind the sofa can create a large storage space, to try to make good use of the empty wall. The items placed on the shelf should be classified more carefully, horizontally according to the type of items, such as stationery for a box, tools for a box; Vertically divided by frequency of use, the most commonly used is placed at the bottom, the less commonly used is placed on the top. Once this classification is done, it is very easy to maintain for a long time. Double glazed coffee table This glass coffee table not only provides an oversized storage space in the living room, but also reminds people from time to time of happy moments in the journey. For a small apartment space, in the selection of furniture, we must pay attention to its practicality in the storage function. In some small living rooms, in addition to sofas and coffee tables, it may be difficult to put down storage tools such as cabinets and bookshelves. Therefore, it is required that the sofa and coffee table themselves can also undertake a considerable part of the storage task.