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Hands-on whitening methods

2018-03-29 08:00:19

My university teacher once told me that finding an effective whitening method is her lifelong goal, she has tried a lot, big brand skin care products are also a lot, daily attention to sun protection, she is wearing a cloth face cover when she goes out, a little exaggerated ~~~, but the effect is not much. A brief introduction to my teacher: Mala teacher, a northerner, from the perspective of latitude, generally northerners should be slightly white compared to southerners, but she can only say that it is a normal Asian skin color, occasionally coated with bb cream, but not her skin color, appears particularly white, standing on the podium in class, a little scary ~~~. Girls are born to love beauty, all hope that they are white and tender, even in their 40s, many 70-year-olds abroad have gone to plastic surgery to make themselves beautiful, in fact, say so much, just want to express: girls want to be white so little, as the saying goes: One white covers three ugliness, one high covers one hundred ugliness, the height of this is born, can not be changed, but the skin color of this we can do our best to change, otherwise there will not be so many isolation cream, sunscreen, foundation and so on the birth, and more and more a variety of brands. Enter the theme, when it comes to whitening, Xiaobian my own southern sister, parents farming, do not explain, the whole family is not white. When I was young, I grew up looking at the people around me, the gap between black and white is too big, originally not ugly, it is black, but the gap is not a grade can be described ~~~~, some people do not feel beautiful ha, but it is better in the white, the crowd swept past, the white is particularly prominent. Ok, don't talk nonsense, talk about the whitening experience of Xiaobian. 1. Apply facial mask to whiten skin, Fan Bingbing is a classic example. But ordinary drops we can not do this, it is impossible to do that, so, 2 or 1 pieces a week have a very good effect, lasting a month, the effect will be very obvious, Xiaobian also has no money to buy a big name mask, Morita cosmeceuticals, this brand personally feel OK, (do not advertise ha, just really feel can, many people use, Xiaobian think that the whitening of hyaluronic acid is very good, there is no hyaluronic acid do not know, anyway, the effect is better, apply 2 times a week, for 1 month, really tender a lot, of course, it is white. This depends on persistence, in fact, the mask will not cost you much time, but adhere to it is very important, by the way, before applying the mask, the mask is hot, the effect is better, that is, put a basin of water, the mask has not been unsealed thrown into the water for a soak, take out immediately tear on. As a reminder, before applying the mask, remember to wash your face with facial cleanser, apply toner, and then apply the mask. After applying the mask there are many essence, you can apply the butt, arms, feet, as you like ha. These parts are actually very short of water, and they are quickly absorbed and dried. 2.DIY mask DIY mask, Xiaobian has tried a lot, seaweed mask, pearl powder mask, green melon mask, these are very simple DIY mask, the effect of this can not expect immediate results, these are a little trouble, do it yourself, paint the face and wash the last is more troublesome, mainly economic, natural. Pearl powder mixed with the natural park that aloe paste together, personally feel the effect is good, whitening and moisturizing, but don't put too much pearl powder, or very dry, very dry. Cucumber mask is very comfortable just finished, can be applied every day, seaweed that is also OK. 3. White vinegar whitening Speaking of white vinegar, my classmates tested, I think her effect is not obvious, take white vinegar to wash your face every day did not see white, at the beginning to see her effect, Xiao Bian did not plan to use white vinegar, and then some people said, white vinegar is the most economic whitening method, listen to buy a bottle to try, white vinegar and water mixed with face wash, wash every day, the skin is much better, at least not long acne, The pores also shrink. As for whitening, there is a little, and then directly take a small bottle of vinegar and water mixed together, spray every day, nothing is sprayed, the effect is good, as a toner to use. However, the white vinegar tends to dry out and needs to be balanced with moisturizer. 4. Job's Tears whitening online spread a lot of said to eat Job's tears whitening, in fact, many times is to the moisture, conditioning the body, the body is good, the whole person breath is good, of course, it is beautiful. However, it is difficult to eat job's tears ~~~~, to mix with other things to eat together. 5. Sun protection When it comes to sun protection, there should be a lot of people who have bought a bottle of sun protection when it is due, Xiaobian is that, in addition to the special hot and special days to use, the other time is too lazy to apply, and the makeup remover oil has to be washed, which is troublesome. An umbrella is slightly more practical, but still carry a small bottle of sun protection, which can be used outside at any time, so it is slightly better. (Xiaobian is just too lazy to remove makeup, wear sunscreen must remove makeup, otherwise it is easy to block pores, acne) The above is a small series of whitening methods I have used, I hope to play a little role in you for white girls, Xiaobian economic pinch, not much money to buy special effective whitening products, of course, there is no overnight method, drink more soup, sleep more can also be white, Some people are even getting whiter, which we won't discuss. Xiaobian will continue to struggle on the road of whitening, hope to have their own products in the future, ha ha ha, save all the girls who seek white, well, write here first, there are other good ways to continue to update. Lots of support!