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Great Northwest 8 Day Tour (--)

2018-02-24 04:48:00

Great Northwest 8 Day Tour (--)


First we set the direction, which is to go. - This big loop, and then we took the train for a day and flew back in the evening


The picture is our travel route, we set off before the round-trip air tickets are booked, go to the air ticket is 670, come back is 470, and then book a big circle line carpool (a person 1000 mosquitoes, the whole car is the cheapest we, we may talk for more than half a month, haha), after the first time is to go to the booked wine. Then she asked her classmates to go to the pedestrian street to play, and then in the early morning, she took the booked train ticket to join the Grand Ring Road team, we are seven seats, three men and three women, the other four people are from, etc., the eighth day, the last day is a day trip, and it takes nearly 13 hours to arrive by train in the morning, because it only takes one day, so our schedule is relatively compact. Just went to Mount Li Hua Qing Palace, Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and horses, heard that Qin Shi Huang underground mausoleum is worth a go, but not enough time to arrange, had to wait for the opportunity to go again

Matters needing attention

Because we are off season, so many scenic spots are not crowded, but it is worth going to Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes, Crescent Spring singing sand Mountain, witness the scenic spots in the northwest