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Granulomatous mastitis recurred how to do?

2018-04-05 03:12:49

Granulomatous mastitis is a kind of benign, chronic, nonspecific mastitis characterized by non-bacterial infection, non-caseous necrosis, which is confined to the breast lobules and forms granulomas.


Most of them are born in the childbearing age, married women in the age group of 27-40 years old, and over 50 years old, with an average of about 33 years old; It usually occurs from 6 months to 7 years after stopping breastfeeding, with an average age of about 3 years.


Patient information: The patient was a female, aged 41 years old. When she was pregnant for more than 4 months, she suddenly got lumps and pain on her left breast, which gradually worsened. After multiple surgeries, incision and drainage, the swelling, pain and ulceration occurred repeatedly for more than 10 months.


Examination process: The left breast is swollen, the lump is about 15x325px, the boundary is unclear, the texture is mixed between soft and hard, the internal movement of the nipple should be obvious, multiple incision marks can be seen on the epidermis, the nipple is inverted, the tongue is pale red, the fur is white and yellow, and the pulse is smooth.


Syndrome differentiation: Syndrome is galactosis, weakness of Qi and blood, lingering toxicity, heat accumulation of pus.


Scheme: Treating quasi-tonifying qi and blood, warming Yang and supporting poison; Zhongyutai plaster for external use.


Process: After taking medicine 20 pay to break out thin pus, the broken place mixed with red rising Dan, a week later mixed with 55 Dan, another week after mixed with 91 Dan, external paste too Yi. After 45 days, the ulcer gradually healed and the mass gradually disappeared. I stopped eating for more than three months.