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Good-looking reasoning romance recommendation

2018-03-27 09:36:33

I've been into mystery novels lately, but I can't get rid of the romance. So find a good reasoning romance. Now share a few favorite books!




Ding Mo "He is coming, please close your eyes" a proud narcissistic psychology professor and cold little assistant in a case of love. Ding Mo's writing is guaranteed ah, I like it very much, it is said that it has sold the copyright and will be filmed into a TV series.


If the Snail Had Love, a story between two policemen, by Ding Mo. One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is when two people are happy and their hearts are connected.


Shen Fanghao "Reborn Pursuit Order" is not an ordinary rebirth, the heroine reborn, tracing his murder, and then fell in love with the police. The downside is that there's very little emotional drama.


Wing Su Shi ghost "psychological dominator" special case team captain with the players to solve the case by the way to the facial paralysis girl when the nanny story. Feeling not as good as Ding Mo, there are many places are not accounted for clearly. And inexplicably. But on the whole it's OK. Pass the time!


Water and sky color "Chaotic God museum record butterfly dream" ancient, with ghosts and gods to cover their ability to investigate cases. The whole book is not long, but tells a story.


Jiu Yuxi's Dear Archimedes is similar to Ding Mo's style, a story about two geniuses who fall in love while investigating a case.