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Good place for weekend leisure!

2018-03-24 16:00:13

As an entertainment city, there are indeed a lot of places to eat, drink and play, but if you are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, like me and my friends every weekend, we want to go to the suburbs to breathe fresh air, outdoor activities inside our original favorite is climbing mountains, but with the passage of time, we do not want to be so tired... As a result, a friend suggested that we should find a place to bubble, or find a farmhouse to stay for 1-2 days, perhaps it is a good choice! Bubble is more appropriate in the winter, in the autumn, and friends finally reached an agreement, we go to bubble farmhouse music! Finally, I read a lot of guidelines online, really, either it is too far away, or it is not the space we want, and then I listened to my former colleagues introduce a place: Xiangpu Bay! I heard that there are many scenic spots around Xiangpu Bay Farmhouse, and you can play real CS, you can barbecue, and you can have a bonfire party at night, let us be happy not to...


Human CS tools do not need us to prepare, Xiangpu Bay all have!


The barbecue equipment is also all available, and the ingredients are prepared to communicate with the boss in advance!


The curtain for the evening bonfire


A change of clothes (because after all, you have to stay one night, play very crazy, and change into clean clothes at night to sleep well)


Our first choice is to choose a weekend with very good weather, the weather in October is relatively good, we have set 27 and 28 days!


Since we don't live in the same place, we made an appointment to meet at the gate of Xiangpu Wan Farm at about 10 o 'clock on the morning of 27th. After arriving at the farm, we first put away our backpacks and some luggage, and went to the Xiangpu Bay Farm playground to take a look at the surrounding environment...


At noon to eat a farm meal, in the afternoon with friends started a real CS game, of course, there are friends did not participate, they prefer clean!


In the evening, in addition to us, there are other groups of uncles and aunts, but also to the farmhouse leisure, with them, we have fun! I didn't start washing until 10:30 at night.


The next day, we got up early in the morning and went around in groups, feeling very happy! When we came back for breakfast, the big guys also got up, so the new day began again, today we are mainly barbecue, anyway, the ingredients are ready, the stove boss also gave us to burn up, this has to give boss Li praise, think is better than us!


Because I have been eating skewers in the morning, basically did not stop, so I was not hungry at noon, we did not let the boss prepare lunch, but also saved the cost, haha! About 2 o 'clock in the afternoon, everyone felt that they had played almost enough, so they discussed going back, when they left, Xiangpu Bay boss Li also said to us: Because we are more people this time, afraid of what to take care of the place, let us more Haihan! In fact, for us, are young people, the most important thing is to have fun, and Boss Li so hospitable, so warm, really has been very good! So in the future, if a friend wants to go to the farmhouse to play, I will definitely recommend it!

Matters needing attention

Be safe when playing live CS!


Night campfire party, because it is dark, very popular with mosquitoes, so we remember to bring mosquito repellant, ha ha!


When barbecuing, we must eat how much roast how much, do not waste ingredients, waste food!