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Good Gundam model skills and methods.

2018-03-14 12:48:43

I am a Gundam enthusiast, and the assembly of Gundam is a test of personal patience and meticulous, not only the fun of the assembly process, but also the decoration after successful assembly is very interesting. I have assembled the PG model of Freedom Attack, MG series of red Heresy, unicorn, blue Heresy, domestic department of Manatee, RG freedom, Red Heresy, after assembling these gundam, I hope to share with you the experience of doing Gundam.


Determine the tools needed for Gundam. Gundam is divided into many models, PG, MG, RG, HG, different models need to get different gundam tools, generally we need to use a pen knife, water pliers, small vise.


If the requirements are higher, we can prepare markers, water tweezers, and repair the coloring brushes and pigments that are degraded due to manual errors, which need to be prepared by ourselves.


A lot of people have done the difference between the discovery and publicity, why is there no rhyme on the picture? Then we can use markers to outline the lines on the Gundam armor, so that the three-dimensional sense will be stronger.

Tip 2

Many players find that the Gundam model plate is inlaid on the board, need to use the water pliers to remove, then after the use of the water pliers will be bumpy place, we need to use our pen knife, to carefully scrape off the excess part.


A lot of water on the surface of the armor can not be avoided due to mass production, there is a rough grain on the plate, it looks like waves, so it is called water grain, it looks incomplete, it feels like zebra grain, here we can use sandpaper to remove the surface grain, plus grinding paste lubrication is very good.


Many players like to stick water on the gundam after finishing the gundam, in order to complete the finishing touch, but because the water paste is very delicate and small, it needs very small tweezers to stick.

Matters needing attention

Up to 2 to 3 days to make