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Go to Hong Kong to buy cosmetics guide

2018-01-26 14:24:00

In Hong Kong, the MTR is also the cheapest means of transport, and it is also convenient, and the MTR network can basically cover the main places with high passenger traffic. Below is a map of Hong Kong's MTR lines


[Tuen Mun] This is probably the closest shopping mecca to the Wan Pass, popular is relatively prosperous, people like to go, because it is very close, the fare is cheap, the bus only 11 Hong Kong dollars one way, taxi 100 Hong Kong dollars. Shop is relatively complete, why not for the main shopping places: Tuen city Square, V city and so on. When I say Tuen Town Plaza here, I refer to that big place, which is connected, and I can't name other specific shopping malls == Cosmetics brands are relatively complete, most of the first-line brands have them, but I don't seem to have seen YSL, NARS, TOM FORD, CPB, La Prairie, Fresh. Notably, there are Korean brands such as Ellie Hut, SkinFood, Missha and Tony moly. There are also Japanese brands in Aeon, such as Covermark, Kose and HABA. And down the aisle from the thousand Colors (near), there's the Canmake independent counter, the most stocked, and Burt's Bees. A Japanese product around the corner actually sells scent library Demeter perfume ~ The price seems to be more than 100 Hong Kong dollars a bottle? Anyway, it's fun. If you don't buy it, you can smell it. It's a lot of fun. In fact, there are not many cosmetics counters in V City, it is worth mentioning Ettusais and Too cool for school, and other things, just a few bits and pieces of big names, I am not impressed. V City has very good clothes, called Global Work, clothes are Japanese small tide brand, good texture is not expensive, 3, 4 hundred Hong Kong dollars a piece of clothing, suitable for the student party, more cost-effective than mainland clothes. There is also a shoe sale, called Rabbit, mainly sells more mature but more fashionable leather women's shoes, although it is fake leather, but the style is very good-looking, a pair of shoes are super cheap, when it comes to a discount of only 1 or 200 Hong Kong dollars, even if it is not discounted, it is very cheap. I have bought two pairs of flats. They are beautiful, durable and of good quality.


[Mong Kok] Mong Kok is simply a shopping mecca ah, it should be women's Street and wave shoe Street with the trend, cosmetics, counters are gathered in Langham Place. Cosmetics brands can not be said to be very complete, but there are many brands that are not usually seen. Bare Minerals, Bourjois, Burberry, ERNO LASZLO, GUCCI, Maybelline New York, Sulwhasoo, VIDIVICI, Too Cool For School, Log-on. For example, Bourjois and Maybelline are not like the mainland cabinet at all, these two open counters are very complete, and are imported, high quality, not the quality of the continental line. Finally, Mong Kok street snacks are particularly famous, can be found in the vicinity of Wave shoes Street, all the way to eat, cool.


[】 There is a square element near the subway station, which I often go to because my house is above the mall. In fact, this place is not particularly popular, less cosmetics, but one advantage is that because there are fewer people, the BA inside is particularly patient and very good temper (people who often visit Hong Kong know that most of the quality of Hong Kong BA is very poor, the attitude is very impatient, and often give customers a roll of the eyes). And you can specify what demos you want to try. BA people are great. Even if they don't buy it and just look at it, they're nice. Most of the cosmetics counters in the circle square are ladies' brands, such as Sisley, La Prairie, there is a more special is Jo Malone, the perfume is unique name ~ other nothing special, not very recommended to go here.


【 Tsim Sha Tsui 】 Buy cosmetics! Right here! Hong Kong cosmetics brands the most complete place is here! Cosmetics counters in the city ah, all kinds of you want to think of unexpected, know not know, is growing grass has not yet grown grass cosmetics brand, it has! Some counters open more than one, crazy 724, a few meters away from another. The official website address has been given, but you see for yourself! If I had to name specific brands of cosmetics, I would have typed until I was bleeding and foaming at the mouth. The only thing that bugs me is the lack of Covermark and HABA. The other really can't pick out the thorn! Buy, buy, buy! IFC cosmetics counters are also limited, not a large city of that kind of attitude. What impresses me most is probably the CPB counter, a rare CPB cabinet in Hong Kong! The only other one I've seen with my own eyes is in town! The other counters are the general first-line counters, nothing special. What is worth mentioning in IFC is the two-story Apple Store, and there are two shoes that I like, Aldo and Steve Madden, European and American shoes. At the elevator gate next to City Super, there is a shop called Accessorize, which sells accessories for little girls. The styles are very cute, and the bags are also very beautiful. Hundreds of dollars a bag is surprisingly good in quality, which is suitable for the students' party.


[Causeway Bay] Causeway Bay is basically a subway station is constantly buying buy buy buy, it is really difficult to sum up where to buy, because the street is full of shops, all kinds of want to buy. Hong Kong's first Ellie hut flagship opened in Causeway Bay, the only Forever21 is also in Causeway Bay, there are Innisfree stores next to Forever21, buy all the way to the past T T, however, really need a summary, the basic cosmetics counters are gathered in two places: Times Square and SOGO. The cosmetics counters in Times Square are gathered on the first floor, and the basic first-line brands have shadows, which are relatively complete. I'm impressed by Tom Ford and Jo Malone. SOGO department store cosmetics counters are still complete, but the grade is a little bit lower than the New Times Square, which is complementary, the two places are not far away, and it is very convenient to visit the new era after Sogo. The ones I remember most are Tony Moly, La Prairie and Bare Minerals counters. In fact, there is no feature = =||| SOGO or mainly buy Japanese goods, clothes and shoes when the sale is really cost-effective. The downside is that the space is really, really tight, really tight, really tight. So, that's where I often go to buy makeup. Also, Japanese open shelf cosmetics I basically buy in Log-on, because SASA goods are often incomplete and always feel dirty, or Log-on buy rest assured.


I know a few locations of Log-on: (1) Log-on (full stock) next to City Super in Tsim Sha Tsui City (2) Log-on (full stock) opposite City Super in Times Square in Causeway Bay (3) Log-on (less stock) in Tuen Mun Town Plaza (4) Log-onLog-on fixed products in Langham Place in Mong Kok: Canmake(thousands of mineless fans), Kate, Annie's Way, Tony Moly, K-Palette, Freshel, Sana, Media, etc., there are many Japanese skin care small items, buy Japanese open shelf makeup skin care must go! Some girls will ask SASA Zhuo Yue Colormix these, this do not worry, the street is full, basically as long as there will be SASA Zhuo Yue, Colormix is relatively less than the first two. Often there are several SASA Zhuo Yue on the street, the competition is fierce.


Note that the goods of each SASA are not the same, and sometimes the counters are set up differently, and there will always be different gains from running several SASA shops. In the two places of SASA Zhuoyue, the more worth buying is Arden's products, which are much cheaper than that, and his things still have a relatively low error rate. Recommended cleanser, Eye serum and face serum. In addition, there are basically independent cosmeceutic counters such as Dr.Wu, Vichy, Avene, Neostrata, Cellbone, Boots, Burt's Bees, as well as simple open-shelf makeup counters such as Maybelline, Revlon, L'oreal, MaxFactor, etc. The range is small but the basic signature products are available. Some popular brands in Europe and the United States can not find counters in Hong Kong, Hourglass, Smashbox, Kat Von D, Stila, Tarte, Koh Gen Do, Lorac, etc. There are also British brands like Quinessence, Potions,, Bay House, Soap&Glory, Sleek, etc.