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Go abroad to see a doctor super detailed service process

2018-04-03 19:12:24

In recent years, more and more patients plan to go abroad to see a doctor, many patients are not very clear about the process of going abroad to see a doctor, the next step is to summarize the service process for patients going abroad to see a doctor.

Step 1: Ask for a contract

Patients should first find a regular, reliable and professional service agency to go abroad for consultation, and then provide this agency with basic information such as the condition, medical history, and treatment received, and consult foreign hospitals, doctors and therapies who are good at treating this disease. Sign the contract after careful screening. So what kind of service agency is formal, reliable, professional? At present, large foreign hospitals have aimed their international referral business at China, and opened the green channel for Chinese people to go abroad to see a doctor by signing contracts with overseas medical service institutions. Only the service agencies contracted with foreign top hospitals can be called formal. END

Step 2: Medical information collection

Overseas medical service agencies will collect all medical records of patients, including: outpatient medical records; Hospitalization medical records (including hospitalization medical records, laboratory tests, examination reports, pathology reports, genetic testing reports, treatment records, surgical or biopsy records and discharge summaries); Pathological sections (stained pathological sections in the hospital and more than 20 unstained pathological white sheets, which require immunohistochemical and genetic testing); All original images or discs (including X-rays, CT films, MRI films, PET-CT films or discs, bone scans). END

Step 3: Doctor's appointment and cost estimation

Regular overseas medical service institutions employ professional medical talents, and can recommend foreign hospitals and doctors who are best at treating such diseases according to the types and conditions of patients. Patients can self-verify with the referral of the service provider, and finally choose to go to the hospital for treatment and make an appointment with the doctor through the service provider. If the appointment is successful (whether it is successful or not depends on whether the patient's condition requires overseas treatment), the patient will receive an appointment confirmation letter and a fee estimate letter from the overseas hospital. END

Step 4: Apply for a visa

Regular overseas medical service institutions have a special visa department to assist patients in applying for medical visas. END

Step 5: Air tickets, accommodation booking

Patients can handle it themselves, or they can entrust overseas medical service agencies to handle it. It should be noted that when booking accommodation, patients need to take into account transportation (distance to the hospital) and living conditions (can cook), as well as nearby living facilities, and the overseas medical service agencies are relatively familiar with these, they will provide several accommodation according to the needs of patients, so that patients can choose. END

Step 6: Pick up

Formal, reliable and professional service agencies for going abroad to see a doctor have offices in countries with relatively developed medical levels (the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Singapore, etc.). After patients get off the plane, local staff will be responsible for picking up the plane, picking up foreign medical treatment, medical appointments and other services. END

Step 7: Medical translation

Large hospitals in the United States generally have full-time medical translators in the consulting room, and medical translators in overseas medical service institutions will be responsible for medical translation in the hospital. END

First: Life translation

Because the examination results can only be used for reference, foreign hospitals also need to re-check, most of the severe patients need to take more than a month abroad. For patients who cannot carry out daily communication abroad, the staff of the overseas medical service agency can provide life translation and accompany them until the end of medical treatment. END

Matters needing attention

It is important for patients to verify the information provided by the agency to avoid being misled by exaggerated claims.


All medical information should be translated into English in accordance with the medical record format of foreign hospitals such as the United States.


Appointment confirmation letter and fee estimate letter can help patients to obtain medical visa abroad.