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Glutinous rice network how to buy hairy crabs

2018-02-28 04:48:00

Autumn is coming, and it is time to eat hairy crabs, all kinds of hairy crabs have also begun to market, what Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, male crabs and female crabs. Now the network is relatively developed, almost everything can be bought online, and then delivered to the door, very convenient and fast. This section describes how to buy hairy crabs in a group, the overall price will be cheaper. The pictures in this section are taken by myself.


Landing glutinous rice network, I am through the navigation this way to enter, because I added it to the common navigation, you can enter the home page of glutinous rice network through the URL.


It's usually faster to switch cities, to the city where you live or work, whether it's movies or fast food or whatever.


Search for hairy crabs in the search bar, and it will automatically pop up some commonly used searches, such as 4 hairy crabs and so on.


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Fill in the quantity purchased, and then fill in the information about the harvester.


Finally submit your order, pay for it, and you may receive an SMS notification.