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Frankfurt City Tour

2018-04-03 11:12:52

1. From Frankfurt Airport, take the S8 S9 metro three stops to the train station for 15 euros (up to 6 people within 24 hours). Trains to other areas can be bought from the station. If transiting in Frankfurt, do not stay at the airport wine, very expensive. You can sit near the train station, stay in a smaller hotel, about 50 euros or less. Many people in Germany can speak English and it is very easy to ask for directions. 2. Frankfurt football team's home ground is very close to the airport, do S8 S9 about a stop, if you have time to go to see 3. I have an Italian visa, but because of the long transit time in the middle, I asked them to allow us to leave the airport, so we went to the surrounding places for a long time. 4. German sausage is very delicious, bread is also very good, but German mineral water is very expensive, drinking water is not as good as beer, slightly cheaper.