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Floret の Summer whitening mask ingredients recommended - bovine colostrum

2018-03-15 17:36:45

Summer is coming, MM most afraid of tanning sunburn, this month Florets to recommend tanning repair series. Today's protagonist - Colostrum mask. Florets in the beauty of the failed ~ iron jar packaging is very cute

Summer whitening ingredient recommended - bovine colostrum


Colostrum is the milk of cow mothers within three days after giving birth to their babies. It is rich in immune factors and growth factors that ordinary milk does not have, which can safely and effectively help human beings, especially babies, improve their immunity.

Skin care benefits of bovine colostrum

1. Delay skin aging


2. Promote the regeneration of damaged cells


3. It has a very high promoting effect on repairing skin collagen


4. The nutrients of bovine colostrum are easily absorbed by the human body and can quickly penetrate the bottom of the skin, making it doubly moisturizing and nourishing.



I don't know if you have used milk to protect your skin, wash your face or do a mask, but the sticky paste with milk in the summer is very uncomfortable and breathless on the face, especially in the hot summer, and will cause other skin conditions.


Skin care experts said that compared with milk, colostrum is a safer skin care and beauty ingredient. It can promote skin repair. Relieve the symptoms of dry, red and peeling due to skin sensitivity after sun exposure, lasting repair; Enhance resistance, repair water lipid film, skin moisture more adequate, water retention lasting; Mild nature, all skin (including sensitive skin, pregnant women can use).


Xiaohua's Colostrum mask is similar in texture to a face cream, but thicker.


Change of moisture value You can refer to the value of the moisture test pen in the photo. The hydrating effect is good, floret in the use of persistence, for the skin sunburn, sunburn has a good repair effect, floret outing forgot to put sunscreen, is being remedied...


Florets to Colostrum mask is looking at the mild and non-irritating ingredients and whitening effects, hoping to remove sun spots, now a few times down, the feeling is really very gentle, without any discomfort, sunburned places are slowly recovering, sun spots in the fading, of course, after the sun repair can not rely on a product ingredients, Florets in the next experience will continue to recommend to everyone. END

Matters needing attention

Rome was not built in a day. It is a long and protracted war.


Florets are dry sensitive muscles, the use of colostrum ingredients cleansing flour and facial mask cream skin without adverse symptoms and discomfort.


Individual skin type is different, follow the fashion need to be careful.