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Five strokes typing beginners how to practice

2018-05-08 20:48:55

Wubi typing is a kind of Chinese character input method, its advantage is that it can input the most Chinese characters with the least key stroke, improve the typing speed and accuracy. For beginners, practicing five-stroke typing requires mastering some basic methods and precautions.


Familiar with the basic principles of Wubi typing: Wubi typing is an input method based on Chinese character splitting and coding rules, each Chinese character is composed of five radicals or strokes, according to these radicals or strokes are combined and encoded for input.


Choose the right practice software: there are many five-stroke typing practice software to choose from, you can choose the right software to practice according to your needs and ethos, five-stroke typing practice software, online typing practice website, etc.


Stage practice: beginners can carry out the five pen typing practice in stages, gradually transition from simple single words and words to long sentences, chapters, etc., and gradually improve the typing speed and accuracy.


Adhere to daily practice: five pen typing requires long-term practice and repeated consolidation in order to reach a proficient level, it is recommended to carry out a certain amount of practice every day to maintain a good typing atmosphere and skills.


Multi-posture exercise: you can use a variety of different postures for five-stroke typing exercises, such as sitting, standing, holding the pen posture, etc., to avoid the pressure and discomfort caused by a single posture.

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to the typing posture and method: five-stroke typing requires correct typing posture and method, such as maintaining a correct sitting or standing posture, relaxing the arms and wrists, and maintaining good finger strength.


Avoid blind pursuit of speed: beginners should not blindly pursue speed, should first pay attention to accuracy and correct typing posture, and gradually improve typing speed.


Pay attention to rest and relaxation: typing for a long time is easy to cause eye fatigue, finger pain and other problems, need to rest and relax in time, do some eye exercises, finger exercises and so on.