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Eyeshadow purchase skills

2018-01-29 20:48:00

Earth, gold, khaki, you can't tell the difference... European and American brands, Japanese brands, silly silly can not distinguish... Paste, powder, silly can't tell... Saturation, sequins, silly can't tell the difference.... Counters, open shelves, silly can't distinguish... If you have these symptoms, this is the Bible you must read! I personally love to raise eyeshadow people, not for a brand to raise, once saw mm love MAC eyeshadow to spend all wages on eyeshadow above I am not so crazy, it is very hard to make money (tears), cosmetics is a luxury, money must be spent on the edge! But then again, as long as it is a beautiful appearance, the largest advertising, the best reputation I want to try the classification of fresh eye shadow there are a lot of mm, "YY which eye shadow is best to use?" Best for everyday use? "In fact, there are many types of eye shadow, depending on what your appeal is. In a nutshell.... 1) Dry powder compressed eyeshadow (mist and two sides of two textures)2) dry powder texture of fine powder eyeshadow (the so-called glitters is one of them, used for party more, need to cooperate with eye shadow adhesive oh),3) paste eyeshadow (fit, glossy, bright, High durability)4) Eyeshadow pen (similar to crayons, The texture is moist, smooth and easy to smudge, and it is necessary to set an eye makeup with eyeshadow powder) We are more often exposed to dry powder compression eyeshadow and paste eyeshadow, so today I mainly introduce you to one of these two types, and also explain our myths about European and American earth color and Japanese earth color! To put it simply, the eyeshadow of the European and American systems is highly professional and saturated in color, and the makeup is usually to create gorgeous and deep eye makeup. The general eyeshadow plate is excessive in multiple colors, which requires superb smudding skills and also needs to be used with brushes. Japanese eyeshadow will also cooperate with light to deep to create deep eyes. However, the color is light, relatively soft, the color will not be too much, and there will be no color palette and color contrast, generally preferring the same color system. For beginner makeup girls, I still recommend Japanese eyeshadow, because the color is good, do not need any smudding skills, rely on brush stick can be completed, but for the girls who have been in contact with makeup for a period of time, want to start to change their makeup, may wish to start from the open style European and American eyeshadow first oh! So open shelf, that is, the general cosmeceuticals of the civilian population can be bought, Kate, Maybelline..... Among them, the most obvious difference is the durability, which is good for the saturation of Maybelline's eyeshadow, but the durability is much lower than that of counters Dior and Chanel.Kate is easy to use, but the durability is far less than Lunasol. Let's start with Kate. This is a must-have for beginners. Why? Because it has been marked on the box how to draw the box behind the lovely cartoon diagram, the Japanese really love to engage in this kind of gimmicky things, harm girls deceived == try a color to show you, basically is the very basic definition of Japanese earth color Japanese eye makeup focus on eyelashes and eyeliner, So the eyeshadow part is all light to an outrageous and very red Japanese open frame eyeshadow and these... Love sunglasses, coffee beans, Lavshuca one of my favorite is lavshuca, there is no special reason, just its color matching I like the controversial Chanel eye shadow tray is a lot of girls love to hate love because its packaging is always so classy, the color is always so beautiful, In Europe and the United States model eyes are always so bright so clean hate is because, why in my eyes are always so ineffective ah! ? Why is it always such a mess? Why are your eyes always puffy? Basically, Chanel's eyeshadow tray requires a professional brush to operate, absolutely technical. It's one of my favorite eyeshadow trays I've ever used. It's a classic color that was once discontinued. I love Chanel's eyeshadow trays for a couple of reasons. 1) The packaging, of course, and 2) the colors are practical. Chanel's elegant, simple style continues to their eyeshadow. 3) I will look for the videos of Peter Phlips' makeup at the backstage of every Fashion show. In my mind, he is a ghost in the makeup industry. He has never studied makeup professionally before. What inspires him is the fashion makeup backstage.Chanel eye shadow must rely on brush to finish oh! In addition, my least favorite part of their eyeshadow tray is the eyeshadow stick, = = So MM remember to use their own brush to paint Oh brush out the effect, is it very beautiful? The fact that Chanel eyeshadow doesn't color is a myth, It mainly depends on how you use the color inside and what brush to complete oh Maybelline - the legend inside the open frame eyeshadow legendary to describe eye studio Because it is really the most saturation inside the open frame eyeshadow that I am currently using and the best wind evaluation inside the European and American open frame eyeshadow although the persistence and the problem of flying powder exist, but I definitely recommend to play with the Japanese unclear not light color girls want to start playing with color, occasionally change makeup, This is definitely a good choice, the operation is also very easy to use eyeshadow stick can be completed, the color is relatively light and practical, eyelid oil girls must play a controlled oil eyelid cream, otherwise it will be very cup of European and Japanese eyeshadow for the definition of earth color is not the same, give you a test color comparison left: Kate open frame eyeshadow tray right: Maybelline open frame eyeshadow tray Kate's color is bright, with delicate pearl, light brown + warm tone, the color is relatively smooth, there is no card powder Maybelline's color is dark brown, there is a small amount of card powder, pearl particles are larger with Maybelline brown can make the effect of deep eye sockets, Kate's shade of brown is more flattering for fair-skinned girls with deep eye sockets. Next up is Kate VS NarsNars, the Top 3 eyeshadow palette. One of the people who helped me grow my grass is makeup artist arora, who has a blog with almost all Nars eyeshadow color trials. I chose underworld in the end. It was underworld. I was a kid who didn't dare to try new colors. I think the texture of Nars is relatively moist, the durability is relatively long, and the saturation is also very good! It is indeed worth investing in the eyeshadow plate Kate this plate is relatively slightly inferior, but want to try the blue eyeshadow girls, this plate is a good choice on a thin layer of color test can see the obvious effect is not a Level... Do more evaluation, there are pictures and truth. In addition, red and temporary Anna Sue eye shadow.... Well, I don't know, I think this brand of stuff is a bit of a no-no some eyeshadow is good, some is just so-so, so close to the level of open makeup, whether it's durability, saturation, Moistness and so on are not up to the level of the cosmetics in my mind. Take a look at the color test to know that when the eyeshadow is applied with a small amount of particles, it is not very smooth, the color is light, and Anna Su is stuck in a position that is not up or down in my heart... Professional eye shadow: MAC girls who read my blog know that I am indeed a MAC fan. As for eyeshadow, MAC is a professional makeup for its reasons. Its eyeshadow's extensibility, practicality, saturation, color and pearl are basically the No. 1 in the makeup industry, and it is the first choice of professional makeup artists. But then again, MAC less color plate, are more monochrome eyeshadow for a new contact with makeup girl is definitely a big challenge! I usually look at the recommendations of the talent and see how they use these colors, and the most recommended ones are black tied and carbon, which is good for small smokes, Sometimes when I need to use some special colors, I will use MAC brightening eye shadow to complete the color test for everyone to see, see the difference with other eyeshadow? Please don't compare the MAC to the Coastal Scents 88 Palette which is not at the same level at all = = Most of the colors from the MAC are fashionable colors that many catwalks will see, this is only a small part of my collection. Then there is the Dior eyeshadow tray that the public will love. I think Dior eyeshadow definitely has its advantages, but in addition, they have invested a lot of money in marketing to brainwash girls everywhere they go every day. As for the color part, I think the colors in Dior always have a color that I can't use, I don't know if you have this feeling, it seems to be just a feeling of adding one color to make five colors = = Like this plate, the second on the right, I think I really can't use this color at all. A few days ago, I learned that Makeup Forever is a brand affiliated with LVMH. I'm not sure when LV acquired makeup forever. I think all LVMH brands have spent a huge amount on Advertisement. I seem to digress = = MF's eyeshadow is the most durable and not very easy to remove I have used so far. This fluorescent eyeshadow is especially difficult to remove with my most commonly used bioderma makeup remover to remove two times but with fog eyeshadow, the color is very real, the color on the plate is the color on the skin oh. Practical Japanese high-end counter makeup -lunasol has a very important position in the Asian makeup market, especially their base makeup and eyeshadow are the first choice of Asian girls. Every year, there will be a different pearl refraction eyeshadow plate test color, I only tried a thin layer, it is already very bright, I did not open the flash, a little distorted paste eyeshadow is containing oil eyeshadow oh, texture slightly thick, can create a sense of eye makeup practical method is also very simple, with fingers, push evenly can be, disadvantages: Cream eyeshadow is easier to remove because it is rich in oil. Dip a small amount of cream eyeshadow into your clean finger and gently pat it on your eyelid. The "pat" action will create an even color more easily than the "wipe". I recommend makeup forever, this eyeshadow from last year. It's not easy to remove and lasts well, but I think makeup Forever should be combined with a little dry powder eyeshadow. If you're stupid and confused, are you more clear now? This is YY summed up some experience, hope to help you can quickly, ruthless, accurate to choose their own suitable eyeshadow oh!