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Every day Dazzle bucket latest auxiliary seconds over the copy guide

2018-03-15 03:12:34

Note: This method does not apply to copies of desert areas above level 38. If you want to brush the desert copy above level 38 or do not want to use the crack, please manually replace back to the official file using the pancake brush, the replacement method must first install the RE cleaner. Download please poke me crack version file point I download official file point I download non-Q group user Usage: 1, first download the crack file above, will download the path to remember. For example my browser download path set is stored in the/storage/sdcard0 / myfavorite/download, this path can be set up in your browser Settings. Take my example, after downloading, open the RE manager to find the download path, find the storage folder in the root directory and memory storage two big items, click to enter again to find sdcard0 Click to enter continue to find myfavorite enter to find download enter will see just downloaded crack file. 2, after finding the small box behind the crack file to tick, there will be operation options as shown below, click the copy button in the lower left corner 3, click the copy button will appear paste and other options, at this time we press the return key step by step back to the RE manager main interface, the main interface is the above line has a root directory, internal storage of the election item, click the root directory that item, Find a folder called "data", click on it, and then look for a folder called "data", click on it and click on it, and here we're going to find a folder called "" (usually scroll down at the bottom), click on it and then we're going to find a folder called "lib", click on it, Then click the Paste button in the lower left corner, which will indicate that the file already exists, and we select replace. (Note: we choose to replace) Then it will show that the file is being copied, wait a few seconds after the copy is finished, you can completely close the RE manager, and then enter the game to brush the copy! Note: This tutorial is suitable for the level (that is, the tower), daily tasks, main tasks, side tasks, 30 level BOSS, does not support the world BOSS