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Enterprise financing cost of high countermeasures!

2018-04-26 04:48:27

Small and medium-sized enterprises financing is difficult, expensive financing is a worldwide problem, of course, China is no exception. Although the community has discussed this issue for many years, the department has also introduced a series of measures to try to solve this problem, but our country's small and medium-sized enterprises financing difficult, financing expensive problem has not been able to be fundamentally alleviated.


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The second bank should also increase its support for small and medium-sized enterprises and take practical measures to reduce the financing costs and financing costs of enterprises. Banks should change their attitude towards small and micro enterprises in the past, attach importance to financing services for small and micro enterprises, regard supporting the development of small and micro enterprises as a social responsibility, and provide tailored services and products for small and micro enterprises.


Third, the state should increase support for small and micro enterprise financing, reduce the financing difficulty and cost of small and micro enterprises as much as possible, expand the financing channels of small and micro enterprises, and promote the healthy and steady development of small and micro enterprises.