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Ensure worry-free travel, holiday travel safety guidelines

2018-05-15 06:24:14

What is the holiday travel safety guideline? Holiday travel safety has always been an important topic, for individuals, we must pay attention to holiday travel safety issues, holiday travel safety issues at any time can not slack off, do a good job of holiday travel safety precautions. The following is an introduction to the places to pay attention to in holiday travel.

Holiday holiday travel clothing selection principles:

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The elderly should have enough rest:

The elderly are often physically weak, hands and feet are not flexible, vision and hearing decline, slow response to the outside world, so in the holiday travel, should also pay attention to and strengthen the protection of health work. The elderly are easy to fatigue and not easy to recover, holiday travel to have enough rest and sleep. If you feel weak, you can rest for a few days or stop traveling. Sit down and take a nap whenever you are on a long walk. The elderly have poor control of their own balance, walking is often unstable, easy to fall or trip, in addition to a few good physique, generally speaking, try not to climb the mountain, do not go into the water, do not carry out excessive physical consumption of activities.

Children do not travel with illness:

Children's resistance is poor, patience is also poor, holiday holiday travel, should choose good health conditions, convenient transportation holiday tourist spots. Choose safe items that are suitable for your baby. When traveling, infants can be held or let them sit on a cart, and young children walking should be supported by adults. Children are active, do not know what is dangerous, coupled with naughty is not easy to control, holiday holiday travel may occur bruises, falls, sprains, and even fractures. Parents should teach their children what not to do and pay close attention to their children's behavior. When children travel on holidays, the incidence is higher than that of adults, and if you see that they eat less or have less activity, you should pay attention to whether the child is sick. If the child appears impatient, tired, or sick, he should be allowed to rest, rather than travel sick.

Hydration and Sun Protection for women on the road:

Holiday holiday travel generally should not make up, if it is short distance or the weather is fine, you can spend a light makeup, but once you arrive at the destination should immediately use facial cleanser to clean the face, and then make up. The air on a plane or train is about 20 percent less hydrated than normal, and you should pack body lotion and regularly replenish your skin while traveling. At the same time, pay attention to drinking more water to maintain the body's normal absorption of water. Lips do not have sebaceous glands, so they are more likely to lose moisture or get chapped. The most effective way is to moisturize your lips with lip balm and drink water regularly. When choosing lip balm, it is best to choose lip balm containing UV protection, and the color is appropriate to light and elegant.

Holiday travel precautions

First, pay attention to tourism forecast: During the holiday period, the implementation of tourist attraction forecast system, in the TV news, network and other media in batches to release the accommodation, traffic, current passenger flow and other timely information. Crowded scenic spots and routes should be avoided to avoid regret.


Second, choose a good travel agency: holiday tourism, due to transportation, accommodation and other aspects are very tight, in order to ensure quality, before you should inquire about the credibility of travel agencies, from food, accommodation, travel and other aspects of detailed understanding. If you sign a travel contract with a travel agency before departure, you will be more secure.


Third, early: Limited by traffic capacity, in general, airlines will allocate holiday slots according to the size and strength of travel agencies, travel agencies can only accept customers on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, the earlier the tourist, the more choices. In addition, in order to attract tourists, general travel agencies will give early tourists a certain discount.


Fourth, avoid the hotline: During the peak season, the line is always hot, visitors are woven, and grassland, frontier desert and other cold line, but few visitors. The annual holiday travel to make up the air ticket difference has become a rule in the tourism industry, coupled with the increase in wine, car and other costs, tour fees will naturally rise. If you can choose an unpopular route to travel, you may save a lot of money.


Five, staggered peak time: During the holiday season, popular lines will cause many problems due to the limited reception capacity of the number of people, may wish to consider starting before the holiday, delay the return after the holiday, enjoy the benefits of off-season travel: flat prices, beautiful scenery, not crowded, good service.


6, do not travel independently: During the festival, food, transportation and housing are very tight, if there is no travel agency's assistance and booking, it will be difficult. There are many cases of self-help travelers staying in other places because they do not book jobs in advance, have nowhere to stay, and cannot buy tickets. At the same time, due to the travel weekdays in the transportation, catering, accommodation has a broad network, food and parade can get discounts, than self-help travel more money.


Seven, select new strange line: some travel society will launch some novel tourism products during the festival to achieve better publicity effect and ensure the group rate. Generally speaking, these groups are designed for publicity and promotion, the price is quite suitable, the service is also better, and it can be described as excellent value for money.