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Easy way to learn English

2018-03-17 06:24:46

Easy way to learn English


Listening and speaking is an important way to cultivate language sense and improve English scores. The main purpose of listening to tapes is to follow them while listening. It requires the ear to be very sensitive to find out where the pronunciation is not the same as that in the soundtrack, and constantly reduce the difference, make their voice more authentic, and develop daily listening and reading as a habit.


Develop good writing habits Students should get used to writing a short paragraph frequently. On the one hand, it can improve the free use of English, and on the other hand, it examines the students' insight and cultivates their ability to discover new things. So it's good to write often and often. The new textbook now has one module around a topic, and students can imitate and write a short essay. In addition, diary, report and so on are familiar ways to practice writing, stick to it, the effect is very good.


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