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[East sister point gold] Early rebound, afternoon attention 3950 first-line gains and losses

2018-05-04 20:48:06

After the "morning market" plunged yesterday, the low rebound today morning, from 3910 to 3940 line quickly. Afternoon focus on 3950 first line pressure breakthrough. At present, the market is digesting the bearish sentiment caused by the US economic data, and measuring the bearish impact of the geopolitical crisis. In recent days, Russia has massively increased its presence of soldiers and military vehicles along Ukraine's eastern border, as well as special forces, armor, artillery and air defense units. Poland's foreign minister has warned that Russia is ready to put pressure on Ukraine or invade. In addition, Reuters quoted Russian media sources as saying that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered to prepare a new round of retaliatory response measures against Western sanctions. As tensions between Russia and the West intensify, markets look for signs of a bottoming out. "Afternoon attention" 14:00 German June quarterly manufacturing orders monthly rate of the eurozone countries service PMI released yesterday was generally unsatisfactory, triggering market expectations for the European Central Bank or soon to implement more easing policy, if the data released in the afternoon, or to cool down this expectation, but if the data remains weak, it will be negative for the euro. Put more pressure on gold and silver trends. After the "afternoon strategy" fell sharply yesterday, there was a weak reaction in the morning today, but the pressure above the 3950 line is larger, if the afternoon effectively breaks through the line resistance, you can look at 3980, if not broken, then multiple single leave, short positions can be shorted, stop profit 3850, stop loss 3990.