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Drinking must eat 9 dishes

2018-03-15 11:12:52

The following introduces a few simple cooking, using materials to buy Chinese and Western flavor dishes, so that you can meet the appetite at the same time, stomach health more healthy. People who are extremely health conscious know that drinking a lot of alcohol or drinking on an empty stomach is bad for your health, so they will always drink with some dishes. Different flavors of wine dishes, also known as cold basin or cold dish, because of its wine to help taste, gradually enhance the role of people's appetite, and some people in the West called it appetizer. Cold dishes do not change taste, long without losing shape, a production, multiple meals, a wide variety of different tastes, so loved by home chefs. The following introduces a few simple cooking, with materials to buy Chinese and Western flavor of wine dishes, to the friends. 1, sesame oil belly raw materials and seasonings: 1 pig belly (1000g), 35g rice wine, 10g salt and vinegar, 20g ginger, 30g scallions, 20g dark soy sauce, 5g sugar, 30g sesame oil, 20g chopped coriander, MSG, dried pepper, pepper, cinnamon, fennel a little. Method: First, the pig belly to fat oil, with salt and vinegar scrub clean, then into the water pot slightly boil, remove, scrape off the white clothes, wash; Add dark soy sauce, sugar, monosodium glutamate, dried pepper, sesame oil, coriander and pepper into a small bowl. Finally, put on the pot, heat up, under the cinnamon, fennel, onion, ginger, rice wine, boil into the pork belly, fry until crisp but not rotten when out, cool with cold water, change the knife to plate, with condiments dipped in food. Features: Soft texture, fresh into slightly spicy. ② Raw materials and spices: chicken breast 500g, golden mushroom 150g, pickled pepper shreds a little, salt, vinegar 10g, MSG, Sichuan pepper oil 5g, oil 500g, pepper, rice wine 5g, starch 50g, egg white 2. Method: First wash the chicken breast and cut it into thick shreds, starch it with yellow rice wine, salt, starch and egg white, place it for a moment, spread it into a pan of 50% hot oil and pour it out: Then boil the golden mushroom thoroughly with boiling water, cool it over, cut it into 3 ~ 4cm segments, add the chicken shreds, pickled pepper shreds, salt, MSG, pepper powder, vinegar, yellow rice wine and Sichuan pepper oil, mix it well and put it on a plate. It is better to use cucumber shreds around the edge. Features: smooth and tender, crisp, fresh, clear mouth. (3) Ingredients and spices of drunk crab: 20 small crab (or crab 1500g), rock sugar 100g, white wine 400g, soy sauce 1000g, salt 15g, spring onion, ginger and Sichuan pepper each. Method: The crab will be neatly discharged in the vessel, sprinkled with salt and then pressed with heavy weight; Put the wok on heat, add soy sauce, rock sugar, Sichuan peppercorns, spring onion and ginger, boil and pour into the container, cool thoroughly and pour over the crab, then pour into the white wine until the crab body is submerged, soak for about 3 days. Features: Fresh and tender crab meat, rich wine flavor. ④, bad shrimp raw materials and condiments: 500g river shrimp, 15g onion, ginger, yellow sprinkle 15g, salt 20g, sugar 10g, Sichuan pepper 2g, bad brine 250g. Method: First cut the river shrimp to the beard, feet, wash and drain: then boil the water pot, under the spring onion, ginger, add rice wine and Sichuan pepper, push into the river shrimp, cover and cook for a few minutes, when the shrimp shell is bright red, shrimp meat is firm, remove and drain, then skim the shrimp soup foam, filter and add salt, sugar, Sichuan pepper, cook slightly from the heat; Wait for natural cooling, add the brine, pour into the river shrimp soak for 2 to 3 hours, remove the dish, and then pour the original brine can be eaten. Features: The shrimp body is bright red, the meat is fresh and tender, and the flavor is bad and fragrant. 5, strange flavor chicken and crab raw ingredients: net chicken breast meat 1000g, 40g soy sauce, sugar, rice wine, vinegar 30g each, MSG 5g, salt, sesame paste 20g, scallion 20g, garlic, ginger minced 15g each, pepper 2g, cooked sesame seeds 6g, sesame oil 15g, spicy oil 40g, Sichuan pepper oil 10g, 10 slices of cucumber. Method: First blanch the chicken breast and take it out, let it cool, tear it into shreds and put it into a plate: Then transfer sesame oil, sesame oil, sugar, salt, pepper powder, ginger minced, garlic minced, MSG, soy sauce, vinegar, spicy oil, Sichuan pepper oil into a strange flavor juice, pour it on the chicken shreds, you can eat; Sprinkle with scallions and serve. Features: salty, sweet, hemp, spicy, sour, fragrant. 6, spicy jellyfish raw materials and spices: jellyfish skin 750g, salt 3g, MSG 2g, sesame paste 6g, sesame oil 3g, spicy oil 15g, a little sugar. Method: Soak the jellyfish skin in about 5 hours, wash the sand, remove the yellow skin, cut into shreds, and scalding with warm water for a moment, immediately remove the jellyfish slightly shrunk, put it in cold water to cool, then remove and drain; Then dilute the sesame paste with cold boiling water, add sesame oil, spicy oil, salt, sugar and MSG, put in the jellyfish and mix well. Features: slightly spicy with sesame oil aroma, crisp and delicious. 7, Sichuan beef raw materials and seasonings: lean beef 500g, cooked sesame seeds, sesame powder, pepper powder, pepper powder each 5g, cornflour, soy sauce, sugar, salt each 10g, vinegar, MSG each 5g, oil amount. Method: Cut the beef into chopstick thick strips, mix with cornflour, fry crisp in a high-temperature oil pot, remove: then soak the chili powder into red oil with hot oil, then put soy sauce, sugar, salt, MSG and water in the pot, put the fried crispy beef strips, braise for 5 minutes, then turn the heat to collect the juice, sprinkle in pepper powder, sesame powder and cooked sesame seeds, drizzle with red oil. Features: spicy, sweet, crisp and delicious. 8, hot and sour shredded chicken raw materials and seasonings: chicken breast meat 1000g, rice vinegar 125g, dried pepper 10 pieces, pepper 150g, fresh soy sauce 25g, rice wine 5g, sugar 15g, pepper 10g, onion, garlic each 5g, sesame oil 50g. Cooking method: Steamed chicken breast, sliced into a plate, and then mix all the seasonings into hot and sour juice, pour on the chicken slices when eating. Features: Simple production, fresh and tender meat, hot and sour delicious. ⑨, salty crab ingredients and seasonings: 750g crab, 50g salt, 15g sugar, green onion, sauce, 10g rice wine, 3g Sichuan pepper, 500g fresh soup. Method: Wash and brush the crab first, put it in the basin with the belly side up, add rice wine, onion and sauce pieces for 24 hours, remove the crab umbilicus, uncover the crab lid, remove the gills and intestines, cut it in half, then add salt, sugar, Sichuan pepper, onion, ginger in the fresh soup, boil on fire, cool it and put the crab pieces, soak for 24 hours, you can eat. Features: fresh, fragrant, delicious.