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Dream west tour Double ninth Festival small copy guide

2018-02-22 20:48:00

Send food to the Golden Lion King (135,60) Choose golden Double Ninth cake and inky chrysanthemum wine. Jade Elephant King (68,50) chooses jade white Double Ninth cake and clear chrysanthemum wine. King Vulture (90,18) chooses green Double ninth cake and red chrysanthemum wine. After delivery to the bull King (28,135). After the battle, go to the evil Miasma Bull (37,135), next to the Bull King. Choose a gift from Kikuka Fairy Soul (63,132), there are three options. The better the gift, the more difficult the battle, the most difficult to choose. The Lord is the demon king, is the divine wood forest, fairy is the divine wood forest, you Ying doll and muslin fine is, Ruyi and cat spirit is DF, star spirit and law is PS will seal will laugh, strange general will be infinite broken blood and hundred mad kill, after the end of the small copy. Advice with auxiliary advice with auxiliary advice with auxiliary advice, important things say three times! Hot recommendations: The new expansion sets the stage for change 122nd Joint service equipment collection New summon beast advanced effect | New Summon beast game effect | Huasheng Temple iterative effect | New map game effect Xiongyingling Dragon Palace equipment | God outfit to help local rich ride | God proud revealed 4 artifacts | God level pieces are also colorful 111 joint equipment collection | 112 pair 15 wrought hardware | 113 pair baby fierce High | boss for a new rune stone limited lucky sweet bubble | carnival prayer stone live | all over the sky 14 sections | a wave of personality baby 118th united service spirit decoration collection: three injuries super violence dream trip to the west thousand injuries no level of home moat 6 God exposure elite God luxury baby exposure all red slightly demon