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Dragon Temple ecological Park tourism guide

2018-05-01 04:48:00

Dragon Temple Ecological Park, a classic scenic spot, is on the other side of the mountain. The ecological park is famous for its Dragon Temple, an ancient Buddhist temple with a history of nearly 1,000 years. Dragon Temple Ecological Park is especially suitable for spring, and there are programs in specific festivals?






Dragon Temple Ecological Park 3A scenic spot, said is the ecological park shows that the main tour is not scenic spots, but tea trees, fruit trees and other crops, of course, you can also pick! But to say there are no attractions is not to say. After coming out of the parking lot, tour all the way to enjoy the scenery, first to Li Gang Stele Pavilion, look at the cultural relics. Pay attention to my recommendation of not going back, and pay attention to a specific time of visit!


Then to the dragon Temple, dragon four is also called the sex temple, in fact, there is nothing to look at. To the Dragon Temple ecological Park or to the Dragon Temple Villa, here flat taste seafood, tea and what is the best. Walk the road of country flavor!


To the Dragon Temple ecological Park is also a pleasure, is to go to the grape Valley lake here fishing. After that, you can visit the Lingguan Hall and the tomb of Xue Fucheng. Of course, the most important barbecue, in the vicinity to find a barbecue is very easy, find a few friends leisurely barbecue is not comfortable!


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In the ecological park visit note: picking fruit can be, but do not throw around fighting; Do not break branches or enter parts that are not allowed to enter. Be safe when barbecuing in the barbecue area!

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to travel safety, valuables on your person


The tour route!