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Dragon Boat Festival dumplings do you know how many flavors?

2018-03-26 09:36:26

After the Children's Day is followed by the Dragon Boat Festival ~ Dragon Boat Festival to do what of course is to eat dumplings!! Do not eat zongzi how can calculate the Dragon Boat Festival east Guan sister as a small foodie has long studied the taste of zongzi (silently left saliva...) This time, Dongguan sister has collected a variety of different flavors of zongzi divided into "sweet pie" and "salty pie" to see which school you belong to

Food ingredient

Zongzi 1


Zongye 1

Sweet pie dumplings party


Salty pie zongzi party


Have you seen your favorite zongzi? Dongguan sister in the mind of dumplings male God no problem is the favorite meat dumplings no doubt!! But I also know that some babies have no sense of zongzi, then the next Dragon Boat Festival food is dedicated to the God (qi) people (pa) who are born not to eat zongzi, salty duck eggs, cool fragrant glutinous rice cake, sweet and crisp fried sugar cake, all dedicated to you! END

For you who don't eat zongzi

Dragon Boat Festival salted duck eggs


Moxa leaf glutinous rice cake


Fried sugar cake END

The end of the Manchu and Han dinner luncheon


Clever men and women, witness your extraordinary cooking time! Get ready to grab their stomach and their heart with delicious food! Of course, if necessary, Dongguan sister can sacrifice a first when the guinea pig, try your cooking is passed, hey hey END

What do you need to pay attention to when eating zongzi

So much food really let east Gua sister see saliva DC, but in eating dumplings can not eat, East Gua sister to popular science to eat dumplings have what need to pay attention to. Eating zongzi time, the number of choices are very particular, it is not want to eat can eat, the mouth is cool, the stomach is easy to strike. The best time to eat dumplings is in the morning or at noon, and it is a little difficult to put it in the evening, let alone in the middle of the night. This is by no means East Gua sister too pretentiousness, because take ordinary food, from the mouth into the stomach, intestines, before and after have to spend several hours, and dumplings is not "ordinary", it is difficult to digest glutinous rice made, to be fully in the human body


Digestion takes longer and stimulates more stomach acid. The second half of the night is in the "half out of business" state of the day, at this time, forcing its digestion of difficult ingredients is likely to induce gastrointestinal diseases, such as gastric ulcers.


Rice steamed bread and other staple foods should not be eaten with zongzi


How many zongzi can I eat in a day? Dongguan sister suggested: it is best not to eat more than three normal heads of zongzi a day, especially meat zongzi or dumplings containing lard, do not eat too much at once. If it is the elderly and children, it must be reduced on this basis. Zongzi is not a snack or dessert, so don't let it appear at the end of the meal. Many people eat out will eat vegetables and rice first, the last on dumplings, as a dessert, in fact, this is absolutely wrong. Experts said that the name of zongzi is the staple food, please do not give it the treatment of supplementary food, it is made of glutinous rice, high viscosity, difficult to digest, an ordinary salted meat zongzi, containing rice equivalent to a bowl of rice. If you eat rice, do not eat zongzi, if you want to eat zongzi, please do not touch rice, noodles and steamed bread. I ate zongzi in the morning, can I eat it again at noon and evening? Better not eat it. Because the stomach has just spent a lot of effort to digest the last zongzi, did not rest for a few minutes to start the next round of loss, so repeatedly toss, suddenly strike is very easy. Whether it is zongzi or steamed stuffed bun, mugye crispy rice, it is easy to make people feel greasy and full of food, so do not supplement big fish and meat, it is best with porridge dishes, so as to swallow. Glutinous rice is warm, hot to eat not only full of happiness, but also nourish the spleen and stomach, but if it is cold and hard to eat again, it will become difficult to swallow, digest, so eat dumplings in summer must also eat hot.


After the Dragon Boat Festival let the stomach have a good rest


Every year after the Dragon Boat Festival, even in the festival, there will be many patients holding the stomach to the emergency department, needless to say, it is eating bad stomach. The Dragon Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival both belong to the tempting food, eat more and "sad" festival, all because of the common attribute of zongzi and moon cakes called "difficult to digest". How to self-adjust, safe holidays? East Gua younger sister suggested that even if the holiday is peaceful, for safety, after the Dragon Boat Festival, it is best to light diet for three or five days, so that the gastrointestinal tract of overloading operation have a good rest, if you continue to eat mountain sea drink at this time, really can't say which day on the disease. People who feel bloated should especially do so, a few days after the festival can consider eating more noodles, powder, porridge and other easy to digest food, vegetables and fruits can eat more, big fish and meat to touch less, and it is best not to put in these days.


Chronic patients eat rice dumplings to choose carefully


It has basic diseases or part of the special population, eating zongzi should pay more attention to it: the elderly, children, the infirm: each time should eat a little less, it is best to choose mini zongzi, which contains coarse grain potato ingredients is more suitable, do not add oil and meat is the best. Patients with a history of cholecystitis or pancreatitis: eat rice dumplings as little as possible, and eat steamed meals; Similarly, if patients with a history of gastric and duodenal ulcers eat too much zongzi, it may cause ulcer perforation and bleeding, so it is necessary to reduce eating on the basis of ordinary people. Stomach function is not good: do not put oil zongzi is not difficult to digest, while the stomach is generally not uncomfortable when eating while hot. But eat slowly, chew well before swallowing. Greasy meat dumplings are best to stay away. People with excessive stomach acid should eat less glutinous rice food. Diabetes patients: red date zongzi, bean paste zongzi generally high sugar content, will cause patients with blood sugar and urine sugar rise rapidly. Therefore, diabetic patients should carefully choose rice dumplings while eating, and avoid those with too much sugar. Patients with heart disease: There are many varieties of zongzi, including meat zongzi and lard bean paste Zongzi contain more fat, which is greasy food. People with high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease eat more of these dumplings, or increase blood viscosity, affect blood circulation, increase the heart burden and ischemia degree, induce angina pectoris. So in addition to eating enough, the key is to choose some "small" zongzi, such as alkali zongzi, steamed zongzi and so on. END

East Guan sister remind: reed leaves have a musty taste do not eat


If you feel that the taste of zongzi is not correct when eating, do not eat, zongzi should have the aroma of Zongzi leaves, glutinous rice and other cereals, and should not have sour, moldy, sour and other odor. Bulk zongzi should pay attention to buy a small amount, or eat now to buy, to avoid deterioration of zongzi, affecting health. For vacuum packaging and quick-frozen zongzi, store according to the storage method shown on the label after purchase, and process and eat according to the consumption method indicated on the label. For the dumplings that have not been eaten for a while, be sure to put them in the refrigerator in time, and do not leave them outside for a long time. If you find any mildew or odor, do not eat again. END