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Do you know how your horoscope woos 12 Horoscope Wooing Tips

2018-04-01 00:00:26

In the emotional arena, "every zodiac sign has the right to choose." No matter what, there will always be some people who will be affectionate, elegant, only holding her hand all the way, only for her affectionate, special feeling. There is no love in this world for no reason, and the person you like must have something about him that attracts you. Everyone hopes that they can find a perfect other half, what kind of constellation love is worth pursuing? In the face of emotional offensive, how to defend? Please see Xiaobian for your answer! Love must know the courtship and defense of 12 constellations. Aries has always been a rushed constellation, in love is often in fact, so there will be great progress in the love period! Everything follows the feeling, so once the feeling is right, Aries won't mind if progress is too fast. When is feeling right? When Aries is HIGH, of course! The atmosphere of competition or games may make the competitive Aries forget their reserve when playing. The seat is definitely the first few constellations of the defensive ability of the love field, because the most conservative and cautious hate to steal this kind of thing, which may make the ox feel disrespected, but it should be noted that if the delay is too long and does not attack, it will also feel that the other party is very boring, after all, the game always has to be served first! So it's how you manage the chronology that matters. Gemini Gemini is a lot of people have learned, but when it comes to love, Gemini often becomes a little stubborn and intelligent degradation, often to the other side, the heart is not high, often will be sweet talk led by the nose, so do not pay attention to may completely relax the guard, the result makes people very easy to capture, especially if the Gemini likes each other very much, The situation is very difficult to control. Cancer is an emotional constellation, in fact, it needs a little emotional training, and will lose interest because a little place is not satisfied, so although cancer is not very defensive, but it is not so good to send. Knowing sweet words is very important, and more importantly, it is necessary to bring Cancer a sense of security, plus a little romance, and maybe the speed of flash marriage will be unexpected. Leo Everyone has always thought that Leo super love face, will not easily be captured, in fact, as long as the lion meets the person he likes, hope that the two feelings can develop quickly, will be secretly happy for each other's intimate actions, so the defense is really not too strong, but very much looking forward to the other side has more love their own performance! Leo can be quite an enthusiastic sign and will not show too much reserve. Virgo since this constellation is called Virgo, it certainly has the ability to block each other, want to pass the Virgo this, a little ordinary foot color is absolutely impossible, just the cold air released by the virgin body will freeze him, and if the feeling is wrong, or different ideas from each other, will affect the female seat's perception of each other everywhere, and not enough to understand the virgin object, It's easy to get burned without knowing it. Libra Libra actually likes more natural progress, too fast or too slow is not good, that is to say, a love down, always have to score to look good, but must have attack and defense, too fast to lose the beauty. But it's all about feeling! If the other party just does not create that feeling, the Libra really will not be too active, and sometimes it will not look good in the pursuit of the other party, so it will block him. Scorpio Scorpio is actually very clear that they are willing to progress to the point of intimate relationship, so it completely depends on the idea of each scorpion, that is, will not be blocked by the other party, the scorpion has already had a bottom in mind, and how long the other party can succeed, of course, also under the scorpion's calculation! After all, Scorpio, who is extremely manipulative, will not allow too many mistakes in the overall situation. Sagittarius is particularly energetic, can grasp many opportunities in love, but also actively and effectively pursue success, but to understand that not all opportunities you can digest, sometimes have to give up some, how to choose that person is very important. And this month's emotional luck is very good, can share romantic time with the loved one, single Sagittarius due to frequent opportunities to participate in social activities, will encounter many members of the opposite sex frequently show good, do not be complacent, avoid causing bad peach blossom. Capricorn Capricorn in love actually has a conservative side, but the relationship develops smoothly, in fact, there is no big problem, but have to run in order, can not steal steps, otherwise it will make Capricorn feel not sincere! The stability and compatibility of the relationship between two people is actually the most important, these are no problem, then the score is not too difficult. Capricorn is just not a very passionate lover! Aquarius Aquarius is the sign of the heart! Although it looks rational at ordinary times, it is actually quite easy to be confused emotionally! So the defense ability is not too good, accidentally let people catch up, but also good water bottle does not mind these things, especially if the other person is their favorite person, being pursued is also a kind of sweet, will not feel too much resistance, everything goes naturally. Pisces has a very dreamy idea of love! So although usually a pay smart look, but in love dizzy everywhere, so it is likely to quickly be the other side to get it! And for intimacy, Pisces is also very easy to addiction, can snuggle up together feeling really good, so it is basically difficult to refuse the lover's request, or even obey the lover!