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Do waterproof need to pay attention to the details

2018-03-19 22:24:40

Waterproof is mainly done for the downstairs and wallpaper or wall paint, for the second floor above the family to do waterproof is very necessary.


The choice of waterproof materials must be safe and environmental protection: now the waterproof material market is mixed, the price is not a lot of difference, so when choosing waterproof materials, we must choose big brands of environmentally friendly materials suitable for home improvement.


Do waterproof time: Do waterproof need to be done after the backfilling of water and electricity, waterproof can be laid after the tile or floor oh.


Suitable for waterproof place is mainly the bathroom and balcony: need to do waterproof place is mainly above the second floor, to prevent the downstairs leakage, the general new house water leakage period is 3-5 years after the stay, the bathroom often soak water after the water leakage generally need 3-5 years saturated and then to the downstairs leakage.


The height of the wall is waterproof: Generally, the height of the waterproof in the unclosed shower room is about 1.8 meters, and the other walls need to be 1.5 meters, which is mainly to protect the wall wallpaper or wall paint from moisture.


Bathroom waterproof special attention to the details: when making waterproof to the bathroom, we must pay attention to the details of the waterproof to a little outside the bathroom, don't forget the position of the bathroom door stone is always wet, that is why oh, this only do waterproof master will tell you oh.


For the relatively wet first floor can also be waterproof, the most important role is to play the role of moisture, this purpose is to prevent moisture to protect the furniture from infringement, of course, the first floor is not every room to do, close to the sewer location and the bathroom kitchen is also quite necessary.


Waterproof material selection type: waterproof has ordinary type, flexible type, generally recommended when doing waterproof flexible type, especially 20 floors above the building, the house will have a little displacement after a long time, this time flexible waterproof has a good tension to prevent the house from leaking oh.


The waterproof construction is generally completed in half a day, and then you can do the closed water test after a day, and the general closed water test takes 48 hours after the water does not leak, indicating that there is no problem with waterproof.