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Do a good job of B2B industry website homepage design to establish a good first impression

2018-04-10 06:24:01

From the overall point of view of the B2B industry portal homepage design to do some talk, explain the different design elements applied to the home page precautions.


The overall style of the B2B industry website is very important, the user's visit, a large part of the start from these pages, even if the user from the search engine search pages to the site, if the user is interested in this site, want to collect and further understand the site, most visitors will visit the site's home page. The designer should let the user's first feeling that the website is similar to the excellent websites he often visits, of course, it should have its own characteristics, but it can not be too different, to comply with user habits, the designer should refer to the best B2B industry portals in various industries, and select about 20. The more new things, the greater the risk, perhaps some people are very recognized, the other part of the people may not recognize, if our level is not good enough, stability is still the best. As a home page, more performance design level of work or on the layout of the content is better, after all, users to the website or want to find more valuable content.


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