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DNF sword shadow 95 level point recommended DNF95 sword shadow point offensive gameplay guide

2018-03-14 00:00:37

Sword shadow has just been launched by many players love, the following small series will share the 95 version of the sword shadow plus Raiders sword shadow gameplay guide recommendation


Sword shadow has the probability of critical strike, so sword shadow itself is not lack of critical strike, here we point out our commonly used core skills


At levels 25 to 45, Ghost Tooth is the core skill we need to pull out, ghost tooth plus ghost dance can achieve a matching effect


The point method recommended by Xiaobian here between levels 50-80 is shown in the following figure, and you can choose to add TP at level 70 according to your personal habits


In the TP point method point out the ghost, soul and other skills, generally in accordance with the actual scene to operate.


In the order of skill use, if the time is generally shorter about 15 seconds, there is no problem in using 2 ghosts.


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience